Next upgrade?

What should be my next upgrade?

System:Origin Live Aurora TT, with OL Silver Mk 2 arm, Ortofon 2M Blue, OL speed box, Musical Fidelity 3.2 int. amp, blue jans cables bi-wire, Jolida JD9A pre phono, Usher X719 speakers.

I'm leaning toward upgrading my cartridge to something with more detail and air. Maybe a MC cartridge in the $600 price range?

Im not real familiar with anything you have ,other than the Jolida JD9A.And it is a
very well balanced unit very good for the price,and probably more.I would say
what you upgrade next will depend on how much you have to spend.Is 600.00
what you have to work with? For 600.00 you will certainly get a much better
cartridge.I am using the Jolida with a ZYX-R-100H ,I had a higher quality phono
pre and power amp before.And the ZYX kept up with the better equiptment.You
will only get so much detail and air from the Jolida in stock form.I am not
familiar with your TT so I will not recommend the R-100H without you
researching if it would be good with your TT setup.I will say that I have also had
a ZYX R-20 and both carts were very good.And esp. good at tracking and
resisting clicks and pops,,very quiet in the grooves if that is important to you.For
600.00 I would not try to upgrade your speakers or 3.2 ,cables ,TT,or
Jolida.Good luck and have fun,Ray
I also have the OL Aurora Mk2 and used to have a OL Silver (Mk1) on it for a few years. At that time I was using a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge since I only have the MM input on my VAC Standard LE. I found this to be an excellent combination. I subsequently have upgraded to a OL Encounter arm with a Benz Ebony H cartridge. I still have the Blackbird and would possibly be willing to part with it for less than your budget. Also do you have the VTA adjustment for your Silver. This is an important upgrade as you move up in cartridge quality for proper adjustment of SRA.
I do not have the vta upgrade. Is it from OL?
OL makes one and there are other ones that turn up produced in the past. For the OL version
check here.
Thanks I will contact them now. Perhaps that will be my next upgrade, then a cartridge...