Next upgrade

I listen to mostly LPs on my OL Auroa Mk1 TT with Silver arm and 2M Ortofon Blue driven by Musical Fidelity A3.2. Speakers are Usher 718x and Martin Logan sub. It sounds great, but the upgrade bug bit me. What would your next upgrade be? Thanks for your opinions.
Add headphones.
why headphones?
By relatively inexpensive purchases of good quality headphones and headphone amplifier you can get stunning results. With headphones you can even hear traces of overdubbing on certain recordings.
Cartridge, of course.
And all the cables.
Room treatment?
Get A CD player and start enjoying more music.
I presently have the OL Aurora Mk2. I initially used the OL Silver on this table and it performed very well with multiple different cartridges including many that were levels above your present Blue. I ultimately used a Sumiko Blackbird with excellent results. At that point I upgraded the arm from the Silver to an OL Encounter Mk3c for another level of enjoyment. You have a lot of options to upgrade the cartridge and your table and arm will reward you. You need also too acquire the VTA adjustment for the OL table/arm if you do not presently have one installed, this could be the most reasonably priced and immediate upgrade for your vinyl playback.
Thanks for your input. I think I will upgrade the cartridge(I have the VTA adjust).
The room. Everything else is just fiddling about the edges...

Don't forget electronic cleaners.These can be expensive but can make a HUGE difference. Try a Furutech product of LessLoss product. These clean without filtering which adds noise even as it tries to filters noise.
As already stated. Get a cd player and a lot of great CDs.
I recently owned the OL Aurora MKII with the Encounter arm and a Shelter 501 cart. Depending on your budget, Start with just the table and then add the upgraded arm and cart. Do you own a RCM? Super clean vinyl is a must.
I hate to repeat myself, but since I don't have anything else to do, and you like to listen; I will.

When choosing a cartridge, take careful note of the reviewer's choice of music. If the reviewer's choice of music and yours are compatible; then the cartridge he raves about will probably be a good one for you; however, if you don't like the music he's using to review the cartridge, you probably won't like the cartridge.

These are my words of wisdom for the day.
A quality seperate phono stage would be a good improvement. I used to have a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated amp and remember the built in phono stage was not that good.