Next Up-grade, Power Cables?

Hello out there:

The system is really starting to come together! Recent up-grades have made dramatic improvements and now I am thinking about the final (I know, I know, there is no "final" to this addiction) touches.

After reviewing the threads here on A-Gon, I am considering either Analysis Plus Power Ovals or Virtual Dynamics III Cryo.

Has anyone here A-B'd them or have other suggestions?

The system so far: Mark Levinson #37 transport, Chord DAC64, Rega P-25 w/Dynavector 17D Karat, Herron Phono Stage, Mark Levinson 380S Pre, Edge M-8 Amp, Khorus X speakers, and Analysis Plus interconnects and speaker cable.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, advice.

Power cords will make a huge difference. You are likely just going to have to try a few and see what works for you. Also, consider dedicated lines with iso grounds if you don't already have them. I think that's the first step. Finally, consider, a conditioner first. I tried a bunch of cords, loved them all, but a Hydra did more for me than all the $1000 cords I have.

These PC's are one of the best out there IMO. The best tweak or upgrade that I have done to my system.
I bought the Virtual Dynamics Audition cryo'ed power cords, which all come cryo'ed now. These cables were better than all others I auditioned including Custom Power Cord Top Gun HFC, which is the favorite cord of many reviewers at The Absolute Sound magazine. While I own a Richard Gray RGPC 600 powerline conditioner, the VD Audition cables improved my system more than the Richard Gray unit did, without the VD Audition PC's. I had been using MIT Z-Cord II cables with the Richard Gray unit. These cables transformed my entire system for the better.
First, upgrade the power cords on your power amplifiers. Low-inductance is the key here. Try to get inductance 10X lower than the ROMEX in the walls. Also, the tightness and contact resistance of the power-outlet is important. I would recommend changing your outlet for the power amp (no conditioning) to an Acme Audio silver-plated version. My website has a table that compares romex, rubber cords and after-market cords for inductance. Big difference here.
look at Power-cords page of:
Try Elrod eps-3, never look babk
David is a vry nice to deal with. The cord is amazing
Go with the Elrods if you can. There are also many reviews on the Stereo Times and Soundstage internet sites on AP cables. One reviewer found the AP Power Ovals to emphasize the upper and lower frequency extremes and that is what I heard in my system. There are plenty of good cables in the $350-$500 range like JPS, TG Audio Silver (B. Crump), Audience, Harmonic Technology, Acoustic Zen, etc. You need to read the reviews, select a few and audition some to get a feel for what each company's cord will sound like in your system. There are dealers like used cable that let you borrow a bunch and return the ones you do not like.
i too would go with the will be glad you did. they are superb and david is one great guy to deal with.he does have a trial period also.
How do I get a hold of David Elrod product look up but he had no website or info. Thanks
contact Stewart of a sanctuary of sound
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