Next tweak to buy?

I have a descent stand and I want to start trying tweeks but dont have any experience with any of them. I have been looking at feet, pads, and the isolation devices that you put on top of and below your components. What do you recommend to try first? What materials and brands are best? Thanks
Perfect: Check out the thread "shelf material", lots of info on Pods and Cones.
BDR cones - without a doubt!
P.I., something to consider as you begin this process is that many tweaks make your system sound different, but not necessarily better. That said, I second BDR cones as a good place to start. Enjoy!
Audiopoints at is an alternative to BDR, and are about the same in price. The thing with the audiopoints though, is that they make threaded versions to screw in to your components, but three 'cones' or 'points' are known to be more effective than four. The audiopoints are made out of brass which is one of the best materials to transmit energy. I don't know about bdr. I prefer to use materials that pass the vibrational energy from the componenet instead of using dampening material such as sand or pads that absorb it.
Granite countertop remnants are cheap, can be stacked, don't lood to bad, and make an effective isolation platform.
Good point Khrys: which along with the wierd synergy of each system and room explains why we all have our favorite devices. That said, I find Vibrapods to be the best cost effective start, IMO, to isolate the platform and then the use of cones of your choice to drain vibration from the unit - to the platform. The platform material is also another variable in the equation with Maple seeming to come out near the top, though I think that MDF is pretty good when using both Pods and cones. Vibrapods ($24.00) and the least expensive Mapleshade cones (approx. $40.00). MDF is a few bucks or if you are lucky enough to have an old Sugar Maple cutting board around the house that's big enough, then you are really set for a "nice" difference, IMO. This has been my experience in regard to the the CD player/transport/DAC in my system, but I have not tried the more expensive devices. I also use a wheelbarrow intertube and Pods on our little mini system with good results, though have never tried the tube on the good player.
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