Next step up speakers in totem acoustic line from the totem forest?

Hi everyone I have a pair of totem forests for the past 5 years and and very satisfied with the totem design plus loving the fact there Canadian. I would like to upgrade my forests to a higher model of totems any suggestions. Of the next step up speaker in the totem line up from the forests and forest signature?
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I think the Forests are great speakers and capable of revealing upgrades elsewhere in the chain. Personally, before upgrading, I would consider a better phono cartridge, assuming you still have the Ortofon Bronze listed in your system. Try a Lyra MC or something like that. Even the lower-end ones will be an amazing upgrade, IMO. You may not even want to change speakers after that. I also like the Mani-2s, but I think you need a lot of transistor power to make them open up properly.  One last thing, as you like Canadian products, the Coincident speakers are really excellent.  Israel Blume has a great ear for speaker design, IMO.  He crosses over the woofers really low on his 3 way designs so you get the feeling of a 2-way, but with more bottom end.  Very nice stuff.  
I also like the Forests but haven't heard their newer models.  Might be a good opportunity to give a listen to some Reference 3A speakers of you haven't already.  Best of luck. 

When I purchased the forest I demoed the reference 3 a Vienna and chose the forests instead. They did not have the low end throw like the forests. And here is something interesting chayro. I have put a down payment for a new rp8 by rega and planing on getting a 2m black for it. So hopefully that improves the anolog side. Which I mostly buy vinyl because of the newer artists realizing the better sound quality. Also I love my forests so much already I'm going to use them for a soround setup. So I will always have them. Though I'm getting so much resolution with the Cary gear and the fabulous 303t scad pro even as a dac. I'm starting to notice the limits of a 2 way speaker. Espacialy with daft punk and disclosure the speakers tend lack the imaging and had to keep up in complex music. Though I have a father who owns a used pair of fires running with the same amp. But they do not lack the same as the forests with this kind of complex music. In fact they strangely excel in it. So that's why I was thinking of a 3 way tower maybe the earths or winds?
If you can find a used pair of Totem Wind, I am guessing they will be exactly what you're looking for. Cheers,
Stick with Forest...Winds will require a sea change in amplification!

There is a new Wind design out. I do not remember the details of the amplification requirements, but it is 4 ohm, 87 dB. Heard it once at a demo and really liked it.
Forest is better than Winds in almost all cases unless you’re moving to a larger room.
Wind won’t give as much per funds spent as Forest and so is Shaman.
Factually, there’s no up in Totem line from Forest. 
Did you consider adding a sub?
I am very impressed by the forests and there low end no need for a sub. I am just starting to notice the limitations with a two way compared to a three way, and would like a little more focused midrange. Also in some bass heavy music I notice that the midrange can't stay focused with the lowed bass. I did try out the new Totem Earths with my system. And I could tell that the Earths had no trouble producing the midrange detail that I wanted. Though the bass was not as defined as the forests. But had no trouble producing the low octaves and, also was better to keep up with more bass driven music like techno. Which it acceded in and was so low it filled the room but was so low to here. 
Also in some bass heavy music I notice that the midrange can't stay focused with the lowed bass.
I believe that you're rather dealing with poorly mastered bass. 
Adding subwoofer will give an ability for Forests to blast midrange and they can give you great midrange definition. My favorite sub is Vandersteen 2wQ  or couple of them.