Next step up in Amplifier for ProAc Response 3.8

I have a Chord 600 amp (130 wpc) currently driving my 3.8s and feel like the system is underpowered. Any one have any suggestions?
Preamp: Audio Research LS25 mk II
CD: Naim CD5
YES! Give a try to the Spectron Musician II. I have had many amps that I have purchased, let alone tried, and I feeeel sooo comfortable with the Spectron. It has 650 wpc and is so clean. Good, fast bass is the low end of things.

We have had so many types of music to enjoy. We rocked with Santana, "Abraxas". So much so, we stressed the fuses on my Maggie 3.6's. They blew the next day when I fired the system up! Who says Maggies don't rock.

You will be able to voice the system as well, the Spectron being neat spectrally. Sorry, about that. I have a tube preamp, the MiniMax, that I chose after having a passive attenuator in for comparisons.

Galen Carol Audio is an incredible dealer to work with on these. He makes the buying experience that much more gratifying.

(I have no affiliation with either of the above companies.)
My two cents worth,
I have a pair of ProAc Response 2.5's in my system. I run
them with a Supratek Syrah pre amp, and a Theta Dreadnaught

Unless I win the lottery I will probobly keep useing this
combination untill they give up the ghost. I am very happy
with the Dreadnaught, and it doesnt hurt that it is absolutely beautiful.

My Dreadnaught is three channel and I plan on adding another channel so that I can try byamping the Proacs.

I had Musical Fidelity before and there is no comparison,
power, detail, resolution, clarity, and still it is warm
and unfatiguing.

I certainly would not mind haveing 3.8's if I had a large
listening room.

By the way if you have the Yew finish you better keep them covered when not in use, especially if they are in bright or direct sunlight which will turn them almost black in a year or more. I have seen it with my own eyes. Also if you leave the covers on they WILL get tan lines, with almost all of the finishes. Just some FYI.

Happy hunting,