Next step up from the Dynavector 20x2 for more bass?

Hi everyone I have officially had my very first moving coil cartridge for almost a week. The Dynavector 20x2L version my last cartridge was a ortofon 2m bronze. The Dynavector is everything the 2m wasn't. Fast more clear and no sense of slugging and better detail. The only thing the Dynavector That I'm disaponted is the bass definition. Don't kid me wrong the bass goes lower on bass heavy tracks. But it lacks bass being pronounced  and definition which the 2m bronze has. 
So my question would it be worth Getting the Dynavector xx2 because I hear nothing but good things of the bass response on it?
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My intuition tells me that the turntable and arm may be the weak link.
EDIT: I was looking at your Systemdeck ll but realize you’ve an RP8. Carry on! You should have got the ART9.

I have the 20x2L and find the bass authoritative and deep.  Maybe adjust the cart/tonearm to your taste as needed.
I had the dealer mount it with 2.19gram tracking force. I don't know if that's too much. Though I find that the Rega has more bass then the systemdek. Especially with the 2m bronze.
6moons review said bass was lean. You could try adjusting VTA and weight. Seems to prefer lower loading at 30R.

You could try adjusting VTA and weight.

+1. If the cartridge is new, break in may also be a factor.

Here is a link by Lloyd Walker on Fine Tuning your turntable:

You will note that he mentions under 'General Rules and Effects' that lowering the tracking force and/or raising the VTA you should get better bass definition.
I always improved bass by lowering the VTA ( rear of arm down).
don't blame it on the cartridge- I had a DV20X2L on a VPI table and there was bass o'plenty- perhaps too much bass.  
if you have a rega table you need to add shims to the tonearm to set the VTA properly- the rega cartridges are ~ 4mm shorter than the dynavector from mount surface to stylus tip.  experiment with the 2mm shim first.  
i have also heard that rega tables run fast and if so this could also be part of the issue.  

Before you toss the Dynavector, may want to measure the frequency response it is putting out. Need a test tone disc, or a NAB broadcast disc, and a voltmeter to measure each major freq band. you can always tweek the RIAA in your phono stage to make the dynavector flat in its response.


+1 on patience to let the cart break in.  My understanding and first-hand experience (as an owner of the same cart) is that it does need time to settle in.  I'm plenty happy with frequency response in my system (Avid Volvere / SME IV / Avid Pellar).
I've used both the HO and LO versions of the 20X on my several arms -- Kuzma Stogi ’s’, Kuzma Stogi Reference, Linn Ittok, OL Encounter, Rega RB300 -- and the bass response was excellent in all cases. Tables are Townshend Rock 3 and Eurolab Premiere Mk2.

A local friend got great bass with the 20x paired with his Kuzma Stogi, Michell TecnoArm and Audiomods Classic arms.

Unless defective, the cartridge is fine, look elsewhere for your problem.