Next step up from Sumiko Blue Point 2

Hey all,

What would be a good MM or high-output MC cartridge that's a step or two up from my current Sumiko Blue Point 2?

I have a Pro-ject 5.1SE with the carbon fibre 9 tone arm. I'm not interested now in upgrading the tt as I just got it several months ago. But I could upgrade the cartridge if that would make a sonic difference.

My LSA Statement integrated has a MM phono stage that can handle high-output MC's. Budget is $700 new or used.
Sumiko Blackbird or Dynavector 20X2H.
Ortofon 2M black
I have two Blackbirds and a listening buddy with one. Universally liked by all who listen. Very forgiving about SRA/VTA. Smooth and silky where the Bp is harsh and spitty. Works well on my TNT/SME-V as well as my HW-19/Terminator T-3. Not quite the great value it once was since the price has risen somewhat but still a great forgiving cartridge especially if VTA is not readly adjustable on-the -fly.