Next Step Up from Adcom GFP-750 Preamp?

On the used market, what is the next significant sonic step-up from the Adcom gfp-750 preamp as far as active gain-stage solid-state preamps goes? Pass Labs x2.5, Placette Active? Muse? Ideas please.
Pass Aleph. Pass X1.
I can personally say that the step up to the Placette Active was a huge one (larger more precise soundstage) Detail in spades without being harsh.... precision volume control!

If you were going pass you need to really go up to the Pass X1 instead of the x2.5 to get a big enough difference.
ANything by Pass labs gets a thumbs up in the active stage dept.
I moved from the Adcom to the Placette active, which I highly recommend (even though I finally ended up with a tube preamp). I thought the Adcom in passive mode was about as neutral as you could get until I heard the Placette. Definitely in the same camp in terms of sonic attributes and prioriities, but a cut and then some above the excellent Adcom.