Next step up

I have a Pioneer DV-09 that I use as a transport, Audiologic 2400 Dac, Rogue 99 preamp, Belles 150A Amp and Merlin VMS Speakers, cables all JPSLabs. I'm looking for the next step up. I suspect the Pioneer transport is the weakest link, but based on my limited experience $ spend on transport upgrades yield very low sonic returns. I could however look for a better DVD player (I will need DVD), get a separate transport, or get the pioneer modified. Any suggestions???
Get the Pioneer modified. Dan Wright's Pioneer transport mods are $250 and $375 depending how far you want to go.
I'd consider a Muse Model 9 - they can be had pretty cheap used now and sound fabulous on CD playback, as well as serving as a DVD player. -Kirk