next step? just got the phono stage Arc PH2

thanks to all for your advice on the analog end

from the thread "vinyl rig or audio aero capital"

I found a nice price on an ARC PH2 - should arrive in the next few days with balanced cardas cables to my pre

I'm not at the moment ready to splurge on the expensive rig
(have to do some house updates)and have a Nottingham Spacedeck in mind. I have an old Bang & Olufsen 1700 at home (haven't played in years).

thoughts are - should I by a low/mid priced table now
they have an NAD 533 at my local dealer cheap or a Rega p2 or p3, or should I wait till February and a hefty bonus?
what are good bang for the buck cartridges to use with a less expensive table? any other interium table recommendations?

also does anyone make a turntable shelf (wall mounted?) that would have an extra shelf below for the ARC PH2, my main rack (a cwd lowboy) is full on both ends


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I'd use the B&O and wait till Feb for the bonus.
Congrats on your purchase. I have been using the PH2 for about 7 years (I bought it new). It provides excellent performance and is a very underrated phono preamp. I am using mine with an ARC LS25, VT100 MKII/Kenwood L07M, and Oracle Delphi MKV SE/Helikon turntable.

Try experimenting with a combination of MK3 and MK4 BDR cones
I saw a VPI MKiv upgraded with Audioquest Tonearm pt-6, cardas phono cable, tnt platter and Benz Micro MK M09 for $900. should I jump now and do the big upgrade later???
Audiotomb: Why don't you make your own decisions? Opinions are "dime a dozen" on the web.
gmorris - I'm looking for suggestions from people experienced with turntables. Hope to avoid a few pitfalls of inexperience here. As it has been a number of years since I've been into vinyl a few suggestions to check out will help widen the field of possibilities

research and listening to follow