Next step in upgrading my home theater system??

I want to make calculated steps in upgrading my HT setup and unfortunately I do have a budget As for now I have B&W DM603 fronts, s600 center and S601's for rear surround powered by a Yammy rx v2400 130w X 7 receiver with an Oppo upscaling DVD player going to a Panny projector. Eventually I want to jump into a 1080 projector (now I have 720) and Blu-Ray and also upgrade my audio. My question is do I keep my current B&W speakers and add something like a Rotel 1075 120Wx5 amp? Or is it better to upgrade my front speakers and then add power? Adding the Rotel 1075 would be a pretty easy addition but would it make a difference in sound quality? I watch a lot of concert DVD's followed by HI Def sports and then movies.

Thanks for the advice!

What don’t you like as far as the audio goes right now? In other words, what would you like to improve?

As far as the video is concerned, I think that is more straight forward, going to a BR player and 1080P TV or projector will be an improvement.
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