next step in upgrade - - pre-amp ?

I think the next step in my upgrade path would be to add a pre-amp and seperate Processor. I currently have B&W N805 and HTM2 front and center being driven by a Belles 150A 3 channel amp. I am currently using a Marantz SR7000 as a pre-pro and to drive the rears (Mission 760i's)and a Sunfire True Junior (I live in an Apartment so size is a big factor). I have a Sony C650D DVD player and an Arcam 8se CDP. speaker (VDH Cs-122) and IC's (Cardas)are fine. Please give your suggestions. I am more concerned with upgrading the Audio.. the HT is already good enough.
Avitar- I'd look into the B&K Ref tuner/pre/processor. It would cover all of your interests in one product and is quite good for audio only applications. A good pre-amp and separate processor will likely run more $ and take up more space. Just my .02. Goodluck.
I would agree with JCB the B&K is a good pre/proc.And it wouldnt be bad to try out the Rotel setup or the Harmon Kardon top of the line,might find it used at a fair price new it went for 3500.If you get seprates it will run for more loot.Good Luck.
Buy a Sony 9000ES CD/DVD/SACD player on trial. You will be shocked by the improvement in both CD and DVD sound, not to mention video. Oh yes, then there's SACD.