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So I have the McIntosh MX-120, old standard 7.1 system! I love it sounds great to me with my Wilson’s Watt puppy 8’s! I run McIntosh amp for my surrounds and have Wilson center, and Wilson rears! I have Oppo 105d and will be getting a 4K player soon. I listen to albums with VPI scout - and cassettes with my Nakamichi  Dragon-which still sounds amazing! I’m thinking of getting the McIntosh MX-123 or maybe MX-122? I see I will need at add speakers for Dolby atmos- what added speakers should I consider? And MX-123 vs 122? I like adding Bluetooth and streaming options. Thanks 
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So I see some Mc processors support DTS:X - maybe you don't need more? :) Let me know if you try them and what you think.