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So I have the McIntosh MX-120, old standard 7.1 system! I love it sounds great to me with my Wilson’s Watt puppy 8’s! I run McIntosh amp for my surrounds and have Wilson center, and Wilson rears! I have Oppo 105d and will be getting a 4K player soon. I listen to albums with VPI scout - and cassettes with my Nakamichi  Dragon-which still sounds amazing! I’m thinking of getting the McIntosh MX-123 or maybe MX-122? I see I will need at add speakers for Dolby atmos- what added speakers should I consider? And MX-123 vs 122? I like adding Bluetooth and streaming options. Thanks 
So I see some Mc processors support DTS:X - maybe you don't need more? :) Let me know if you try them and what you think.
Wow, I have the MX120, C2500, and a bunch of the older tube gear.
I'm a Wilson fan. Just not an owner. I can't imagine a better "STEREO"
Pre amp.  The 120s are really TWO separate units, stereo, and a surround system. Kinda unique.

 I think you can still PLAY THROUGH with a tricked out surround processor, and keep that wonderful, Mac SS Preamp STEREO sound.  The120s have traditional tone control Mac WAS known for. A 121,or 122 is NOT a 120. Not at all. In the Stereo department. You have to listen, BUT NOT TO HARD.. lol I sold a 151 for just that reason, TONE CONTROL. I might have been happy with a 150 NOT UPGRADED.

I like tubes, so I play my C11s,20s,MX110s and 2500, THROUGH the 120, sometimes. Works quite well.  I bet those Wilsons WOULD sound
wonderful on the old restored Mac Gear. C20/225,240,275,30,and 60s
are ALL quit wonderful to listen to, in their own right. The 60s are close to 100 watts when built right, and can be strapped, BRIDGED par/ser either or.  Mac gear is some serious gear if you want it to be..Your call

I'm also a BIG fan of the new class Ds I just love the tube, class d combo on some of my speakers. BLACK background NO NOISE NONE.

I built a system up from VMPS speakers, DIY, and GR Research OB Servo bass systems. Planars and servo controlled bass just seems to be the best for speed and control. Building speaker is not all its built up to be. IT'S HARD WORK, To do it right.. I'm old,, lol

Building speakers or having GR do it for you, is that an option???

You a planar guy, or a Wilson purest???

Have fun in any case
Thanks! Maybe someday I’ll go to tubes I just listen to stereo mode as often as movies and I’m looking at trying to gain the Dolby atmos and Bluetooth options. 
Little off topic, BUT, 

I've had Mac SS amps 600s, 1.2 and a few others, I loved Ampzilla 2000s over ALL of them. JUST that amp. 2000s I had a few.
Accuphase really, REALLY GOOD but ($$$$$$$$$$), Ampzilla ($$$$$$), Mac ($$$$$$$) and then Pass ($$$$$$$)
UNTIL I heard Nord NC500 One Ups with rev C buffer board. ($$$$). Class Ds. Just jaw dropping quiet, AND WAY to powerful, no distortion.
1 ohm stable.
You can ROLL the opAmp in the amps for a sonic signature change.
Just a wonderful and easy option.
NIGHT and day on what you can do too. Tube like,  to Accuphase accurate, REALLY!!!! THEY run very VERY cool and Idle at 25 watts I think.

These are NOT just any class D, they are VERY special, I've listened to MANY of the others, only two of 30 or so get close to the Nords.

If you need the weight you can always buy a 1/2" steel plate and mount the Class Ds to them. The are light too, in comparison.LOL

Make no mistake there is no LOOK like Mac. You may be a purest there too. All in all they are a TOUGH system to beat. You ever audition Mcintosh's  newer speaker systems? Holy cow!!! WOW

I'll bet the Class Ds would tame the heck out the Mighty Wilson's Brightness for sure, You might hear something you NEVER heard. The perfect Wilson. Preamp, amp combo, for under 3000.00. That would be a first.. Ay? The MX120 is 1-2,000.00 USD at the most NOW... The Nords were 8-1200 USD a year ago per MB. Depends on options, PC RCA, trigger ect.

I really want a pair of Wilsons in the Herd, Dollars is all it takes. Now let me cash in a few of the old Mac collection.. It's time. Three or four aught to do it. 15-20,000.00 should do it ay? They are soooo COOL.

Giddy up horse, were out of here...