Next piece to upgrade?

Hi to all! I've enjoyed reading many posts and learning many things here. I've recently been itching to upgrade something in my system and would like the input of others. I use this system for 2 channel as well as HT. My goals are to make my system slighlty warmer, continue to have 7.1 HT capability, move speakers in front to rear and upgrade front, improve 2 channel sound, add high definition and a multi disc DVD player. My current system is as follows:
TV: Mitsu 42"HD capable RPTV
Receiver(used only as preamp now):Integra 8.2
Amp:Anthem MCA 5 ver II
DVD:Denon DVD1600
CD:Jolida JD100 w/ Electro-Harmonix 12AX7
Audio interconnect:Tara labs
Video: monster cable and Tara labs
FR:Kef Reference 2~2 (4 ohm load)
R:Kef RDM-2
Center:Kef XQ2C
Sub:Velodyne FSR-12

Overall, Its a very enjoyable system. But it's time to continue tweaking.
preamp Aragon, Krell, Bryston etc
2 channel amp for front speakers
larger Kef speakers in front
Lumagen vision or vision pro to scale all video signals
different tubes in cd player
different interconnects
any other misc tweaks


Thanks, Mark
room treatments, power cables?

aloha keith
Projection. It's impossible to have an immersive experience at anything approaching normal living room dimensions without using a two piece projection.

With your current setup you'll need to sit arround 4.5' away to have the theatrical experience.

Getting rid of the box will also improve your sound stage for 2-channel sources.