Next move: pre, dsd, amp, xover, or ???

I have Thiel CS 2.3s driven by a BAT VK-55, sourced by ps audio PW DAC, with bridge II, mostly tidal.  The DAC serves as a preamp in terms of volume control.  Mostly Audioquest cables, amp power cord is cardas clear m, all fed by ps audio upc-200.

I am am hoping to improve the highs, which sometimes sound smeared, too much sibalince; would like more air and clarity.  Loud rock sounds flatter, less dynamic than I’d like.  I am not willing to give up the deep detailed and beautifully resonant mids.  Willing to spend up to $3000, used is ok.  Totally balanced is a must.  Not currently willing to entertain the idea of different speakers - my goal is to make the 2.3s sound as good as reasonably possible before moving on to other speakers.  

Some more thoughts.

A preamp is the obvious choice, and it’s easy to find a really good one in this price range, so much so I am almost paralyzed by the choices.  Aesthetix , Ayre, ARC, several BAT, Parasound and more all have apparently excellent models in my price range.  Patience would put atma-sphere and PS Audio within reach.  Which is best for my situation?  There’s no way to audition all of these, would I be getting on the preamp merry-go-round?

A different amp would also be strongly recommended by many.  The BAT VK-55 is probably not considered a good match, being very much under powered for these speakers.  But I do really love what it does and I am not very excited about moving on yet, especially when there are other potentially good options.

I can easily upgrade the ps audio perfectwave DAC to their DSD, people are already raving about the upcoming snowmass firmware update.  I can’t imagine this would address the problems I‘d like to resolve, but I expect to do this sometime in the future, why not now?

Thiel users are reporting significant improvements with upgrading crossovers.  I am not sure I am ready to tackle this one, to me it seems like the most complex choice.  

I have not done anything in terms of component or speaker isolation and my rack is by Ikea - is it time to spend some $$$ here? 
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The DSD upgrade could solve some of your treble issues, The smear and sibilance issues..Without damaging the mids    This would be my #1 yes do it suggestion. Before anything else. 
Also maybe getting an actual PS Audio regenerator device for AC power cleaning.  
If your amp is plugged into the current AC PS Audio device, I suggest plugging it into wall, after you swap out the wall Duplex with a 'high end' Duplex ...Oyaide or Furutech are my suggestions) this might help the Rock to sound better.A preamp may, or may not help in any way.
Thanks elizabeth, good ideas for me to try while waiting/hoping for that perfect “free” preamp like you!