Next move in my speaker upgrade journey

Over the last decade, I have upgraded my speakers from Silverline Audio LaFolia, to Revel Studio, Verity Audio Parsifal Encore and now Avalon Eidolon Vision. I bought all of these speakers a few years old for 30%-40% of retail, and never lost more the a few $100 + shipping on the resale. Each one was a step up, and I love my Avalons.

I am in absolutely no rush to make a change, but if an opportunity within my parameters presents itself, I am prepared to make the next step up. I realize to improve on my Eidolon Visions, I need to probably move into the ultra expensive speaker range (i.e. $40K+ MSRP). Given my reluctance to take big depreciation hits, this would have to be a speaker that shows up used a few years old occasionaly in my 30%-40% of MSRP range. My budget is up to 20K. Here are some constraints:

Very large speakers (e.g. Wilson Maxx 2), need not apply. I have a modest size room.

Hitting the 20hz rock bottom bass notes and shaking the house is less important than stellar mid's and high's; I have two JL113 subs and an active crossover to integrate if need be.

I want to stay away from very esoteric stuff, with no resale market.

I should be able to drive them with 200w class A amps. No desire to change amps.

No panels.

Any suggestions are welcome. Advise from anyone that has personally made the move from Avalon Eidonlon to something else would be most appreciated.