Next move.

I just recently upgraded my 15 year old Infinity's with Paradigm Stuio 40v4's and a SVS PSB12 NSD sub. I also have a Marantz CD5001 cdp. My pre/amp are a Carver CT7 and Carver TFM24 amp. I've all but pulled the trigger on a B&K reference 5s2 pre amp(i've found a few used) and power amp. Now my question, what would you fine audiophiles go with on amp? B&K reference 125.2 s2 or shall i go bigger with the reference 200.2 s2? My speaks are rated at 150 watts, so should I go bigger? Or since I'm high passing them with a powered sub would the 125 wpc be enough? School me folks, I'm learning slowly but surely.
Hi Sprink, I'd guess that 125 wpc would be enough depending on the size of your room and your listening levels. However, my experience (M&K monitors high-passed at 80Hz driven by Bryston 600/900 watt monoblocks) says that more watts will give you a more relaxed clean sound -- much less chance of driving the smaller amp into distress.

BTW, I appreciate you supporting US manufacturers like B&K.
Are you setting it up for HT / multi channel system or stereo? If you are setting up a stereo system you might want to stick to traditional two channel amps instead. Good performance and excellent value can be found with Acurus, Aragon, Adcom, and Audio Refinement. Hey, they all start with A's.