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I wanted to share some praise and respect for Tyler Mueller and Josh Jendryka of Next Level Hifi. Rarely do you ever hear a dealer pay respects to another dealer in this incredibly competitive industry. But in this case, it is well deserved.

I’ve been working with Tyler for a few years now, before I myself started my business Bliss Hifi last year. From the start, Tyler has provided excellent service and has been willing to offer options given any budget and design constraints I shared with him. A few years ago he took a bit of my personal gear to trade in towards the Borresen speakers I now own, and both Josh and he have been absolutely attentive in the above normal needs for customer support I have asked of them in the last year.

You may have seen their stellar performance at national shows where they often gain a lot of praise for their installations of systems from Borresen, Aavik and Ansuz. They’re both great to chat with in those settings, but visiting them in their store in Wayne, IL last month also set a new standard for me in terms of customer service and relations.

I know I’m not alone in feeling this way and hope others can chime in with their experiences to bring awareness for others who might gain benefit from learning more about them.

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Tyler and Josh are the very best anyone could ever expect in an audio dealer or equipment dealer for any type of product. I have purchased quite a few items from them and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a few hundred dollar accessory or a $10000+ component or speaker. They have been 100% accurate providing guidance in terms of the best ways to upgrade my system. Absolutely beyond reproach and two for the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Nice to hear. How valuable such individuals are including blisshifi. I have tried many times and never put together a system as well as my dealer. I have tuned it in to my liking pretty good, but never put a system together as well. I hope we can support such places.

@marqmike I wish I lived closer to you. I recently started offering my services to visit peoples’ homes to provide in-home consultation. It’s amazing what a 2-3hr consultation can net someone who typically spends thousands in gear. Many times getting the system performance is not just about the gear synergy but around the synergy with the room as well. Having a third party come in and assess can get you some results that elevate your system’s sonic performance quite quickly, and for often not too much money. Perhaps there is someone local there that may do the same. 

Always great to hear positive things said about people in the industry. It gives me more respect and a desire to hear what they have to say about improving my system.

Thanks Juan.

Thanks Juan. I am not surprised that a good consultation brings a lot to the table for the person being helped. I grew up around audio(not audio stores, just nice systems) starting in 1967,  later did some work(building work) for some high end stores, in doing so got to hear a lot of stuff at the store and at home. And I got to see some very knowledgeable audio people bring amazing results.  I hung out quite a bit at these stores and became friends with a couple of these experts.  And what I have noticed and what has helped me from these experts is getting that last 5% that makes such a big improvement, that people strive for, and what I have seen that can be the hardest to achieve for people and many times in trying make regressions. That's the kind of improvements people will pay enormous amounts of money for and most of the time it costs very little when given some help from an expert. The right people are worth their weight in gold.

Just stumbled upon this thread. I, too, had a very positive experience working with Tyler at Next Level Hifi. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it was by far the best experience I’ve had in my audiophile journey thus far. When you work with Tyler and Joshua, you can be assured that they are, first and foremost, interested in making sure that your needs are taken care of. They take their time to understand your requirements, your current system, etc. and tailor their recommendations based on this. Yes, many dealers do that too. But I felt they just went above and beyond a typical dealer.

They sent me a demo unit of Aavik U-280 to audition in my system in December. Fedex apparently dropped the box somewhere while in transit and the unit arrived with a broken piece. Now get this ... Next Level Hifi did not even wait for me to ship the unit back to them and immediately sent me another unit. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t without music for even a day. But it gets better ...

The deal I made with them was to purchase their demo unit and the price reflected that. Tyler actually shipped me a brand new unit at no extra cost to me. Most dealers would have waited to get the demo unit fixed and perhaps sent it back to the customer. Not these guys! Again, Tyler’s rationale was that he didn’t want me to be without music for more than a day. He just wanted to make sure I had a good experience even if it meant incurring a loss.

After owning many integrated amps in the last 10 years (mostly tube-based), I can say that the Aavik U-280 is by far the best I’ve owned. I was a die hard tube amplification fan boy and always reverted to tubes each time I had the itch to give SS a try. This is the first time I’m not missing tubes.

Next Level Hifi gets my highest recommendation.

I would like to echo the sentiments of sro and arafiq concerning Tyler and Josh of Next Level HiFi. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know them and do business with them. Next Level is definitely an appropriate name for Tyler's company, they not only have next level products but their expertise and care for their customers is as good as it gets. I started off with the Aavik i-180 integrated , having no prior knowledge of the brand I was quite skeptical at first. Tyler offered to send a unit to me to try so I trusted him and went for it. I ended up trading an excellent Modwright KWH 225i for it and sold my Qualiton a50i to get the d-180 dac too. I was so taken by the quality of the sound and with the level of professionalism that Tyler and Josh showed me that I had to share the good news with Arafiq and my brother who at the time had a wonderful Vinni Rossi integrated. I couldn't wait to tell my brother how I felt that he should try the Aavik i-580! He took my advice and ended up getting the same incredible service and consideration as I had. To say that I would highly recommend them is an understatement! Arafiq already shared how he was treated, I did my best to persuade him also to give them a try he did and hasn't regretted taking the chance with Next Level.