Next jump in performance

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum and would like to seek your experise on couple of question:

My current system is consist of:

PC (I7 + 980ti + decent mobo+PCIe SSD+ dual LCD monitor) which mainly use for music + gaming(dota)
Ifi iusb 3.0
Audio-gd M9(Headamp + preamp)
Augio-gd M3(Speaker Amp)
Harbeth M30.1 and LCD-X
I mostly stream music through tidal. 

Cable consist of decent USB/speaker/power cord cable. I got a furutech Ftp-615 and cheap belkin power strip with some filter/surge protector function. All the audio stuff are plugged into the furutech Ftp-615. All the computer stuff is plugged into the belkin power strip. 

I would like to improve my system and considering server route for it.

1/Improve the power conditioning on my system:

My situation is that i cant install dedicated lines for my audio room due to housing constraint. So should i go for a power regenerator like P10 or isolation transformer like Torus RM15/RM20?

Would i get any benefit if i plug my computer into the P10 or Torus? or should i just plug all the computer stuff into the furutech once i got the P10/Torus?

2/Improve my transport:

Should i buy a Lumin U1 to go with my yggdrasil or create a CAPS with JCAT/LPS/AO/Fidelizer as i still have a spare computer with decent spec(I5/SSD).

3/What others option you guys can suggest? New amp/DAC/Speaker/Anti-vibration?

Really appreciate your input
I have to ask, is the power from your electrical grid very unstable...brown-outs, power surges, lightning? That would be the reason to get a power regenerator. Very simply it takes the unstable power from your AC line, then converts it to stable, clean current to drive your components. Usually an expensive unit.

If you simply want to clean the dirty power from the outside grid, then a power conditioner will do. The Torus RM15 gets excellent reviews and would lower the noise floor of your system and improve sonics.

It's good that you have the analogue and digital separate. But these are usually plugged into separate circuits. Actually, the Furutech may be better at handling the noise generated by your computer and digital.
You could plug both power strips into the conditioner, but it's possible that the digital signal will bleed into the AC line causing noise/interference.
If the Torus truly isolates the input signals, then this would be an excellent conditioner to use.
Contact Torus to see if the RM15 or 20 will isolate digital from analogue.

Down through the years I have tried many power line filters or conditioners and found very little change in performance. I then purchased a PurePower regenerator and it improved all parameters of the system, specifically dynamics. I have everything plugged into the regenerator and I love it. The PS Audio stuff is also very good
You could split your computer source & pair it with the AVI DM10 speakers -
The power in my grid is quite stable but could definately get some help from power generator like the PS Audio P10.

But it seems that the PS Audio P10 alone wont be sufficient cus i still got a lot of EMI from the grid. Maybe a combination of PS Audio P10 and Torus RM15/20 will help? Anyone have tried this combination?

I have been wondering about the Lumin U1(version without a DAC) for a while as its supposed to be better than all the DIY CAPS. 

Currently i think my DAC/Amp is decent. Any improvement should be gained from Power/Transport. I just dont know which would yield highest improvement and long term benefit. 

My new friend! Best advice is advice from ownership of the equipment your asking about! I own the PSAudio P10! It's not a conditioner but rather a power regenterator ! It doesn't filter, it breaks down wall electric and regenerates it free of power line pollution! Perfectly! No! Outstandingly !Yes! Is it worth the money for the improvement on your system! Thats subjective! Exotic sound often demands exotic prices! The site is high end! The advice isn't always oriented to that!!

  "But it seems that the PS Audio P10 alone wont be sufficient cus i still got a lot of EMI from the grid."
How have you established that you are suffering from EMI, and that the source is your local power grid?

HI Cleeds, 

There are several factors:

- I used to have the situation where i turn on/off my bath room light, the signal to my DAC would get interfered and music stop play. Adding the IFI iusb solved that and improved the sound significantly
- Addiing the furutech FTP 615 also improved the sound in the same magnitude as adding IFI iusb
- Adding the belkin power strip also clean up the image in my 4K monitor. It is a slight improvement but noticeable

Thats why i wondering so much about improving my power line/transport. Really appreciate your help. 

Here's one gentlemen ! The more you filter sometimes reduces emfs but impedes amperage ! Amperage my friends is more relative than wattage! Need an engineer on the thread to varify this one! I'm not even going to try!
Do you think that i should use both the Torus and Ps Audio P10 together?

Anyone has tried this combination?
biggest jump in your performance will be in better performing speakers, then amplifier, source might slightly help by going to a non-pc server/player.
So you think better speaker and amp would more beneficial than the power/transport upgrade(Lumin U1)?

But next step to the speaker would cost huge money say Magico S5 or Raidho. Not to mention i will need the amp to go with the speaker. 

I cant audition such combos where i live. 
Better room.
Room is getting treated by professional as of now. Come on guys.