Next High End Bookshelf Upgrade - Marten Parker/Oscar Duo Owners Welcome

Hi to all ,

I have been lurking around this website for some months now and value the strong discussion level along with the insights shared so readily among contributors here.

So, I have decided to take the next logical step and become a member. Not too long ago I was of the opinion that upgrading an already decent audio system relative of course to the owner was a result of insecurity, lack of impulse control and probably a waste of resources in every conceivable way. Well that was then and this is now , upgrading all or part of the audio setup , does indeed appear to be part and parcel of most audiophiles journey. It could also be the the most fun aspect to the whole hobby in general ,

Late last year , i decided to purchase some B&W 705 Signature speakers to go along with my Rega Aethos amp . They replaced a pair of some fairly decent quality LSA 1 bookshelf speakers from 2007. Now, after approx. 5 months of ownership , I have somewhat tired of the 705 Signature speakers , much faster too it seems than I would ever have thought. In many ways, very good performing in most every aspect , just everything does seems small. Probably the only way to gain such clarity and precise imaging in a small speaker box is is to make sacrifices elsewhere, soundstage comes to mind along with the clear realization that this speaker just does not disappear in the room like my previous LSA 1 did with aplomb.

Late last week, to satisfy my curiosity , pulled the LSA 1 speakers out of storage and replaced the 705 Signature with them. Well into an evening music session , the reality became clear to me , so clear in fact the LSA 1 were overall better. Much more a speaker than a studio monitor ala the 705 Signature. The best analogy would be to think of the 705 Signature as a show pony , flashy, entertaining , fun and a crowd pleaser for short periods of time. Whereas the larger LSA 1 bookshelf speakers would be more of a galloping horse , open and free spirited , raw emotion and less the show ring performer like the 705 Signature. Suffice to say the LSA 1 will stay with me , regardless of what I upgrade to in the near future.

I have decided to leave the Rega Aethos as the amp in my evolving system for now. Next upgrade most certainly will be a bookshelf speaker well beyond the 75 Signature level and sharing more of the qualities of the LSA 1 such as great sound stage , night and day difference in fact between it and the 705 Signature. To continue in this recent and welcome progression would be worth it in the long term.

Now , for certain some might say , just stick with the LSA 1 and save your money. As it stands the speaker is very good and a absolute bargain at $1250 in 2007. So good in fact , it may very well be the speaker of choice for a second system in our vacation home.

I plan to invest in some high quality bookshelf speakers. The top candidates for speakers to go along with the Rega Aethos are Marten Parker Parker Duo and Oscar Duo , Franco Serblin Accordo & Borresen Z1. All upper echelon bookshelf offerings. All sharing the distinction of much praiseworthy reviews by the audio press and consumers alike.

As of now, the Marten Parker Duo has my close attention, a 200w speaker the maker website states , looks like a <6ohm speaker , the Rega Aethos puts out 156w @ 6ohms , would it be enough to drive the Parker Duo to some degree of satisfaction at least in the short to medium term ?. My listening is mainly low to moderate levels , never past 9 o’clock on the volume dial. As such, the importance of high quality listening at these levels is imperative. For owners of this speaker, how does it perform at these lower volume levels?. Also, in terms of the passive radiator in the speaker back, any experiences of excessive bass frequency leading to wall vibrations daughters room is adjacent to the av room. Again, most if not all listening is done in the low to low moderate range. My listening area is 12’ x 14’ with 10’ ceilings.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts , Marten Parker Duo in particular and Oscar Duo owners are more than welcome to share their experiences.


Just a thought, but have you ever entertained the idea of narrow floorstanding speakers?  You get a lot more body to the music that way.   If your speakers are mounted on a stand, floorstanding speakers would take up the same amount of space.  

It seems that you have found yourself on what we call the speaker merry go round. The price of the speakers you buy will keep going up but your satisfaction will just go round and round like a merry go round. 

The first thing to remember is that every speaker is tuned differently. What kind of tuning do you want? If you cant answer that, you will never be happy. 

Do you need custom tuned speakers made for your ears? Or mass produced? 

How much distortion should the speaker produce? What polar response should it have? And will the speaker companies be willing and able to provide this information? There are many questions to think about....

You’d fail at sales ............ not worthy of spiff, commission, advancement, and or benefits. Pay rate you ask, minimum wage for eternity!