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I have been using the ortofon jubilee cartridge for the last several years and am thinking about buying a new cartridge. I am looking for input from former Jubilee owners, what cartridge you moved too and how it compares to the Jubilee. My system is posted. Thanks.
Have had several top flight Ortofons - Have you considered the A90 ? still available NOS here, or depending on budget the new Anna ?
I apologize ahead of time, but will share some advice I read Just to be clear, I have no Ortofon experience other than a Shindo SPU I heard briefly. I heard the Jubilee has a warmer tonal balance than many other Ortofon's. I also heard that the Per Winfeld is a very nice cartridge, and perhaps flies under the radar. Again, not suggesting this is a fact, but simply ones opinion. Perhaps others with actual experience will chime in.
I replaced my clearaudio maestro with the with best cartridge for the money, it is the Aida

hands made by SoundSmith in upstate New York oustandind sound Top to Bottom, incredible soundstage, very very musical.
I owned Jubilee for about 2 years and considered then as
the best cart I ever owned . Used with Triplanar VII, Kuzma
Stabi Reference and Basis Exclusive. Then I got a visitor,a former technician by Benz, 'together' with 4 Benz carts to experiment with and to choose from. My choice was the Ruby 3 s which has the same 'generator' as the LP but different wood corpus. A better cart then Jubilee but 'marginaly' so. Such are the differences among
the 'top carts' in my opinion: marginaly- better or different. I also bought Phase Tech P -3 G but for my Reed 2 A (12'' with 27 g. eff. mass). Very good cart but
with low compliance, suitable for 'heavy' tonearms. I can recommend both realative to the used tonearm.