Newsed int amp - Creek, Music Hall, Linn?

Hi. My current system is:

I'm considering replacing my Cambridge Audio Azur 340A due to a combination of sonic and aesthetic reasons, as follows:

* On some music, the Cambridge Audio Azur 340A sounds a tad bright and is tiring. I like it a lot with jazz and some pop, but on alternative (REM, Cure, ...) it sounds bright.

* The old school Pioneer tuner and Onix CD player look cool. The 340A is a bit too subdued next to them.

I am following some used equipment like Creek 5050, Creek 4330, Music Hall A25.2, and Linn Majik-1. Only the Music Hall is appealing aesthetically, but I have no idea of the sound.

Any advice on which of these or any other to get. I'd like to stay under $500 but can be persuaded otherwise.

Thanks in advance,
Music Hall Mambo: It's class A which should sound a bit warmer than the 25.2
Have you considered tubes or a hybrid?
Naim Nait.
I can't say it's much to look at but the NAD C352 has a full, warm sound.
Thanks for the responses. I don't like the look of the Naim or the NAD. I did though speak to Roy Hall (of Music Hall) himself today, and I'm steering towards the Music Hall so far. I can get the Music Hall a25.2 for a little over $300 which seems to be a good deal.

Tomorrow is another day, and I hope someone else will make other suggestions.
All of the integrateds you mentioned are good values for the money. I can personally attest, however, to the Music Hall Mambo's performance (I haven't heard the 25.2). It should work well with your Paradigms, and you are not likely to find it bright and fatiguing.

So, to slightly confuse matters, I'm actually finding the Cambridge Audio to be less fatiguing than I thought.

That said, a bargain is a bargain.

So, to put numbers on things. Would you go for a Creek 5050 (2001) for $150, Music Hall A25.2 (2005) for $300, or a Naim NAC-112x (2004)/Naim NAP-150 (2001)(pre-amp/amp) for say $600. All of these are on Audiogon or ebay if anyone else is interested. I like competition even if it makes things more costly for me!

I have to say being unable to find more than 1 review of the Music Hall, a recent product, doesn't fill me with confidence.

Another vote for Naim integrateds. The 5 series has been well-regarded for many years. Should be able to find them, along with all kinds of other Naim gear, used.

I am currently using an XS integrated (I picked up a dealer's ex-demo) that I am absolutely thrilled with. My system has never before sounded so musical.

I appreciate that some may find the "black box" look to be unappealing. For the first time in my audio journey, I am no longer listening to my gear- things just sound right.

Good luck with your decision.
Headshrinker2 - yup, the Brit integrated amps are just a little lacking in personality in terms of appearance from what I've encountered so far. But they do have their fans.
Ok, so I've put aside all of the above for now. Actually bought a Sansui AU-101 for peanuts off that large auction site we know and sometimes love. More for its bold appearance than anything else, but who knows, it may surprise me. Have a line on a Cambridge Audio 640A but the appearance blahs still apply. Anybody want to buy a Cambridge Audio 340A cheap? That way, I'll be forced to get something new and just decide.