News cables wouldn’t work with my Turntable

I had bought new interconnects for my system. They were custom made with vintage Western Electric Wire, high quality RC plugs and had some great reviews. 

The cables worked great with my CD player, but not at all with my Turntable, I’d get a loud hum and buzz. I swapped them out with my older Audioquest directional interconnects and it works great.

I’m running a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon into a Parasound Halo P5 Preamp..

any ideas would be helpful as i really I really like these cables.

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Turntables "typically" like shielded cables.  Did your custom WE cable have a ground wire?
Just the ground wire from my pre amp to the TT. No other ground I know of.
OP: would you please explain your rationale for opting for a selecting vintage WE wire for IC materials? It obviously works for you CD player, so nothing appears wrong with it. Just curious.

As for the hum and noise, try grounding the WE IC at the preamp’s ground post. Check for local ground loops in or near your turntable. 
For resolving hum and noise, see this PS Audio tip page.
I am a cable manufacturer. (Bionic Cables)

We do not make a phono cable yet so I am unbiased. lol

What you are hearing is caused be one or more of the following. Lack of a dedicated, balanced shield, potential between ground and shield, or impedance.

Cartridges are transformers and naturally balanced with no common ground.