News about Bel Canto Dac2 Release

Thought I would give members a heads up and print an e-mail
(with permission of BC) I received from Bel Canto inquiring about when update for Dac 1.1 will be ready:

>>>We are coming out with the DAC2 in a couple weeks. The DAC2 is a completely new d/a converter from Bel Canto. It does 24 bit/ 192 kHz upsampling using the very latest hardware in a very sophisticated design. The DAC2 will be available as an upgrade to DAC1 customers for $700. You will need the 1.1 power supply, which costs $150 if you do not. Preliminary listening indicates that the DAC2 comes very close to SACD and DAD in sound, potentially becoming "The Reference". It is THAT good. Please let me know of your intentions as our first run is already
spoken for. <<<

All sounds very good as I have been very happy with Dac 1.1,
and can't wait for reports from the field on Dac 2.

Gunbei, may-be you should have waited on that Kora Dac?
Sam, wow!!!!!!

I may wait to sell my DAC 1.1, get the "2" upgrade, THEN compare it to the Kora Hermes!!!!!! That would be a cool comparo. Right now I find the Kora to have more air and dimension, just as much detail and a fuller, more warmer presentation than the Bel Canto. Overall more natural and smoother.

Will the Dac2 use a 24/192 chipset? From what you say, it seems the DAC2 will keep the 1.1 power supply. For $700, I may do the experiment. Gee thanks Sam, with the talk of the DAC2 you just put the brakes on what may have been a whole Virtual Dynamics cable/cord overhaul. :•)
Yes if you have the Dac 1.1 now, you can upgrade to Dac 2 for $700. There was no mention what a new factory issue Dac 2 costs. Sounds like there are some in line ahead of us, although e-mail is not specific if those are upgrades or finished new factory units for dealer delivery, a call needs to be made to BC/dealer for those ready now.

I would like to hear a little feedback from the field before I send my beloved Dac 1.1 in for surgery. Gunbei may-be we can talk Dekay into being the "guinea pig"

I have it from BC that the DAC2 will be $1300.

Sam, unfortunately Dekay sold his DAC 1.1. We should talk him into getting the new unit, then he'll be one of the few people that has heard all three versions of the Bel Canto.

Rupe, $1300? Wow! If the unit is better than the 1.1 AND $125 cheaper, that would be incredible.
I received an e-mail from Craig Bleeker of Bel Canto Design stating that they are trying for a release of the DAC2 in two weeks or less. They'll also have a better idea of what the turnaround time will be for converting a DAC 1 or 1.1 to 2 status will take in about a week or so.
Very interesting to hear discussions of Bel Canto 1.1 and the Kora Hermes, both have been on my short list along with Audio Note DAC 1.2x. I like the tube sound (I used to have an Audio Note DAC1) and wonder how the new BC DAC2 will sound in that regard. $1300 sounds very reasonable.

Thanks for the info!

John, since I got the Kora I was all set on selling my DAC 1.1, but this news has really caused me to slam on the brakes. If I can swing the cash I might do the upgrade, then compare it to the Kora. I love the Kora! The tubes really work their magic. I've heard that the upgrades to your Audio Note are outstanding as well.
I have got beta version of the dac2
which I used at the CES2002 Orca room
no kidding it leaves all orther dacs
I'v heard for dead in my system BC has
done a great job with it. I would say
with the right transport it'l match the
Linn and many other super expensive players.
over Dac1 it has more slame, huge stage and
better focus and with all that it's more musical
this one is for vinyl freaks
Gee: I could go for one of those then (just need the $1300:-). I pretty much listen to LP's since selling the BC 1.1. My meager vinyl setup betters the CAL player that I use, but on the otherhand the 1.1 DAC smoked the TT. Also nice would be if BC would come out with an "all in one" player as well as add a phono section (if not already offered) to their upcoming integrated amp. I am tired of separates, anyone else feel this way?
Hi Dekay.

Yeah, who needs all the extra interconnects and PCs. But if I were to ever go back to an integrated, it would have to have tubes. Or something like an Audio Aero Capitole into a tube amp would be nice too.

I still have to decide if it's worth it to get the version 2 upgrade for my DAC1.1 while I also have the Kora Hermes. Tempting, but expensive.

Why don't you wait until the DAC2 is out at your dealer's. Then take your DAC1.1 and Hermes there and compare. Better yet, if he's a decent dealer, do a take home evaluation with him.
Kev, good idea. That would be a fun comparison! Hmmm...I need to find my local Bel Canto dealer now.
Just order the Bel Canto DAC2, It will ship on the 18th of March. I will let everyone know how it sounds in my system. Guy
Is this your first BC Dac or did you own previous model? I see BC site now has limited info posted about Dac 2, would love to hear your impressions especially if you can compare to previous model.
Megasam, This is my first stand alone DAC. My short list was...CAl Alpha, ART di/o modded by Bouldercable (I have order one of these as well $500.) and the Bel Canto DAC1. My System >> Acme audio silver plated 20 amp AC outlet > Monster Cable HTS 5000 > pioneer dvd444 > bettercables > CAL Delta > bettercables > Bel Canto dac2 > bettercables > Cary 2002 > bettercables > Spectron Digital One > bettercables > VMPS RM 40. Of course the BC won't be shipped until the 18th.