Newly Modded KWA 150 to SE

Just thought I'd provide something I'm not sure I've seen on this site to date, a brief review from an owner who's done an update of their KWA 150.

I just (yesterday), received back my Modwright KWA 150 amp, that was upgraded to 'SE' status. Let it burn in for about 6 hours before lending any critical ear and here's what I can report:
- initial deep bass seems lighter (but been there before and expect it will develop over the next week)
- more open and detailed sound
- more gain heard over older settings
- more 3D and with better transients
- mid bass (more noticeable, better snap and weight)
- improved tonality of instruments (especially Sax)

Overall, I'm VERY impressed for the dollar$ invested (have spent far more, for less) and can say with my personal conviction that any existing KWA 150 owners who are fence sitting - should give the SE upgrade, a serious consideration.

On a slightly different but still related topic, I listened to several repeated tracks using 2 different IC's I own (run direct from Source to Amp). The IC's identity are not so important here, as is the lesson that was driven home. Using cable 'A', my system sounded very inviting, interesting and sometimes exciting. Switching to cable 'B' (and much more expe$ive), my system lost all of the above and, I couldn't even listen to all of each repeated track - it was so relatively lifeless.

So, I guess my 2nd point here is, cables do make a difference, cost of cable is no indication it will improve things and, audition your upgrades with care because the fault you lay - may not be where you think.
The cable part is interesting to, as I don't own any ModWright gear.
I have been arguing, in a different thread, that expensive doesn't mean better or even good, it's just expensive.
Congratulations on a good investment JG :) The KWA-150 in the 'SE' spec is one of the real killer bargains in high end audio I reckon (shhh we better keep it a secret). It is a very musical amp, looks great & sounds warm and tube-like. The 150 also has wonderful inner detail. I can only imagine the 'SE' is on the next level.
I've heard a few friends talking about the KWA 150 and heard nothing but positive comments. Im looking forward to demo this unit.
Congrats Jgwilson, I am hoping to get my hands on that amp someday.
A $9000 150 watt solid state amp is a killer bargain? That seems overpriced to me compared to Pass Labs or Ayre, for example.
Are you making that assumption based on listening or just by brand name? The Modwright amp could very well be the equal sonically to certain Pass or Aye models.

Mechans`s point above is true, more expensive(or larger brand recognition) does`nt always result in better sound.Seems they need to be compared before any meaningful conclusion is made.
Charles1dad, No, my comment is not based on brand name. I am not trying to start a debate. I am sure the Mdwright sounds good. I just take issue with the idea that any amp that sells for $9,000 is a "killer bargain". A car that cost that much might be a bargain, not an amp. I own a VAC Phi 200 that sounds awesome, but because it sells for $10,000 I could never claim with a straight face that it is any sort of bargain. It is quite expensive by most people's standards but worth the price in my book, just as a $9000 Modwright may be to many of its owners.
I understand your perspective.One thing I`ve learned regarding audio components is you actually have to hear them(if possible) in order to properly judge them. There is`nt a solid correlation between cost and sound quality all the time.Some exspensive components are worth every penny and others won`t meet expectations and disappoint.

An example, a good friend has a VAC system(Signature MK II linestage with NOS tubes and PHI 300.1 monoblocks all Siltech cables)He had the Modwright modified OPPO CD-SACD player and loves it. He purchased the Playback Design MPS-5(on audiogon) after much good word of mouth and great reviews. He patiently broke it in(tried various power cords and ICs also) and after several months of frequent listening and comparisons he decided the sound of the Modwright was just better to him(3500 dollars).He easily sold the MPS-5(RETAIL 15,000 DOLLARS) on audiogon.Based on price alone most would expect a different outcome.For certain some listeners would prefer the MPS-5 but he did`nt head to head in his own system.
@Mcondan, all I can say brother is, find a Dealer who has a run in Modwright KWA-150SE connected to some decent speakers and you'll understand what I mean by "killer bargain". The SE is *that* good. Imho it is easily comparable with any amp up to $15k. So it is relative. Your argument which I respect seems to be around the level of dollars.