Newly acquired Thiel CS2 speaker.....HELP?

Configuration comments/suggestions?

I have a pair of Thiel CS2 speakers that I just acquired from a neighbor. I connected them to my existing system as follows:

·         Denon AVR-1312 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver (WiFi music pre-out to NAD). I am considering replacing this with a Yamaha RX-V685 7.2 A/V Receiver, as I am no longer able to access the set-up menu.

·         NAD 7240 Receiver (rated at 40 watts/channel of steady-state power)

·         Sony Blue ray disc player (direct to NAD)

·         16 GA speaker wire.

I was REALLY impressed at how much better the Thiel’s sounded than my old college tower speakers, specifically when listening to vocals, acoustic guitar and classical e.g. Vivaldi.

I also acquired a DBX BX-3mkII from same neighbor. He did not use this amp, so not sure about it other than these specifications:

   o   Power output                 (RMS, 20 Hz~20kHz)

   o   2 Channel driven             300W x 2 (THD<0.01%)

   o   Power Output (Dynamic, IHF A-202)

   o   Single mode                    80 W per channel (8 ohms)

   o   Bridge (BTL) Mode         550 W per channel (8 ohms)

   o   Load impedance               2~6 ohms, 6~16 ohms Switchable

Currently, I do not plan on running any other speakers off of the DBX.

Here is what I have in mind:

Yamaha A/V receiver has a zone 2 pre-out that will allow me to stream music to the DBX without including the surround sound. It would also allow me to include the DBX and Thiel’s (zone 2) with surround (zone 1) when watching movies, by switching to zones 1 & 2.

Based on the DBX manual, I may want to run 6~16 ohm Bridged mode?

I should have also mentioned that I am a complete novice when it comes to high end sound equipment, but you may have already determined that after reading a few lines.  My apologies. 
My opinion of the best sound through the Thiels would be the Nad as a preamp driving the DBX amp in stereo mode, set at the low impedance setting. Use the Thiels as a two channel audio system, and if you were to use the Thiels in a multi channel system as your fronts, get at least 1 powered sub. Give this some time, as other people will chime in, with their own opinions. Enjoy ! MrD.

Welcome! to this hobby. Please feel free to join us over on Thiel Owners thread under Speakers category. You will find a few owners of these older "C" series loudspeakers.  Happy Listening!
Thanks for the comments.

I set up the NAD as preamp and connected the Thiels  to the DBX according to the DBX manual for 2 channel BTL mode connection.  The meters responded to the signal, but no sound.  Anyone know if this could be a fuse issue, or is there something more ominous going on here?
A friend has found a frayed wire in the DBX and will repair.  Hoping that was the only culprit!

I'd suggest trying the DBX in both impedance settings, but I suspect the CS 2's will work better with the higher impedance setting.:

While easy to drive, the CS2's can be quite sensitive to amplifier's sonic qualities. The ported bass can be a bit ripe and the top end needs to avoid anything too hot. A wonderful bargain in it's day, and reputed to be amongst Thiel's most reliable models. They are bit old and replacement parts might be dear.

Thanks all, for the responses!
I've been reading multiple sources of information about amplifier to speaker compatibility and while I have learned plenty, I'm still a bit unsure how to proceed with making the optimal connection between the DBX amplifier and the CS2's (only).   It seems that even if the amp puts out much more power than is needed, I'll be fine as long as I'm not trying to entertain the neighbors down the street.  I agree with unsound, with regard to being able shoot for optimal impedance settings (given the CS2 data) and avoiding a "too hot" situation.  My first thought was to use the 2 channel BTL, but I have to admit that I'm not too comfortable with that connection ("too hot") and don't think the manual is clearly presenting the best option, given my level of experience.  Would anyone be willing to give advice (with explanation) on how best to configure the channel mode and wire connection?   I attached a link to the DBX manual below.

^By “...too hot...”, I meant to elevated high frequency or bright sounding.
Ah.  Thanks for the clarification!