newform research 645

I have 645s.They sound as advertised with my aloia amp set up.I have tube bug. I listen mostly to jazz vocals like krall,barber and eva cassidy.I love lots of air and soundstage depth.I want to try tube amp $3000 new or used with passive pre amp.I like hearing voices sounding wet sounding.
Very open sounding speaker with good soundstage and depth. Bass is tight but slightly lean
In your response to vocals to jazz and just listening to jazz--I listen to it all, everything. I've tried many a speaker but have never been fully satisfied. I stumbled onto this designer about 2 hours from home and was mesmerized, awestruck--whatever you call it. I had wanted to buy his demo right then and there. The best sound I ever heard, ever! Lucky you, he's moving to a bigger shop and must sell all equipment at cost or below cost. Terrific deals on what I feel is the best speaker made. There is just no comparing them, you'll need to talk with him in person to get a better feel for what I'm trying to explain--and you won't regret it. He's also the most honest guy there is--no cheating, lying, not in his book like there is in many others. His name is Roy Johnson, and phone is 1-719-636-2500 Colorado Springs, CO.
Good luck, oh, I bought the Continuum 2.0 and have never even thought about buying anything else, which is highly unusual for me. Give it a try.
Try the EAR 534 amp - low maintenance - level controls for each channel - balanced ins - can be mono. Looks good with the chrome finish.
Suggest VTL 300 or 225/250 monoblock amps.