NEWEST Rolling stones Mono reissues.

Each mono lp will be $125:the same 200g format as the current $125 Hendrix  Experience. LP 


 200g discs make it better. And the high price makes it better. Too many new pressings for uninformed fools with money.

I think that this is tremendous news for Rolling Stones enthusiasts who have the just gotta have it desire, for any number of reasons that they don’t have to even think about having to explain to anyone.

Its a bit pricey probably because reasons - it is hardly aimed at the throw away if ya don’t like it mindless-set.

{Anyway, if these are discs that were first issued in the 60s, then you have to multiply the price paid then by 20 times or more to get the equivalent new price today, on account of inflation..}

I like to think that some of us may feel the same about certain special things in our own lives from time to time.