Newest iPhone

anyone here upgrade to Apple's latest?

If so, post some thoughts/impressions...
Apple's latest available, the iPhone 5C, is hardly an upgrade. The truly new model, the 5S, won't be sold until next Friday, Sept. 20. (The 5C is essentially a repackaged 5.)

I'll be getting a 5S late next month, after my current contract (I've got a 4S) expires and I can dump my present carrier without penalty.
Repost this in a week when they're available.
The 5C is not intended to be an upgrade but an attempt to compete in the lower price smartphone market, by inroducing a cheaper model iPhone. For one thing the 5C case is plastic versus the 5 and 5S aluminum case.

which features will be different (read better) on the 5S vs. the 4S ?
09-16-13: Gbart
The 5C is not intended to be an upgrade but an attempt to compete in the lower price smartphone market, by inroducing a cheaper model iPhone. For one thing the 5C case is plastic versus the 5 and 5S aluminum case.
I am an Apple fan & like its products but the introduction of the iPhone 5C does not make much sense to me (maybe I do not have the complete picture OR maybe I'm misinformed OR maybe both?!) but I've seen atleast 1 article that says that the price of the iPhone 5C in China is $700+ & China Mobile does not offer discounted phones with a 2-yr contract like they do in the USA. Meaning to say that the Chinese public will have to pay $700+ for the 5C model. AT that price they might as well buy the 5S model or if they do not want to pay such a high price buy one of the many Samsung phones for much less.
Here's a link to that article (how real is the info?):

here's another link to a similar article from ABC News:

And, another one from the Times of India (TOI):

BUT, then I saw this article & it's confusing now:
maybe the Chinese are willing to cough up $700+ for the 5C model?? In the USA with the 2-yr contract deal I can see how the 5C & 5S will become hits.
do did anyone figure how to get the line signal out of the newest iphone? it seems that even adapter + 30pin to line out audio headphone jack would not work... planning to swap to 4s soon back.
LTE service on the 'iPhone 5 and 5S is so much better than 3G, I could not imagine reverting back to an older model.
Verizon offered me $210 trade in value for my iPhone 4S so I upgraded to a iPhone 5S 32GB priced at $300 (plus taxes and other fees). I am not thrilled with IOS 7 but I am getting use to it. I think this special trade in offer expires on October 31 (please check).

My local Verizon store had sold out of iPhones so I placed my order and was told to expect delivery in 3 weeks. The iPhone was delivered to my home in 2 weeks. The setup was very easy but I had to call my Cable Company for some assistance in setting up the correct server ports.

I found the article below very helpful:
iOS 7: how to disable the most annoying new features is a good site to learn about the NEW Control Central, Closing Apps, battery life and many other options. SEE:
More changes to the iPhone and the new Apple Operating System (Mavericks). Just to be clear, it's not that the backup and synch Is no longer possible, just that the 'device' has changed. Now the default is 'iCloud.' Same function, different location.
Keep your thoughts coming guys.
my kid just got the 5s, and while i've never been an apple person, it really is pretty impressive. most significantly, the processor is blazingly fast--much much faster than the previous iteration--and the camera is noticeably better. the small screen, compared to my big screen android phone, seems kinda retro, but iphone people don't seem to care, probably because they all have ipads.
Motorola Android man to the bone. Out in the country the range of Motos is unbeatable, when storm knocked out half the towers and some landlines too with flood, iPhone owners were staring at each other on the top floor, while Moto owners had 3 bars out of 5, sadly not true for Samsungs.
I just got an Apple iphone 5S on 26th. I love it compared to my Blackberry. I'm 63, and never used video telephone before; but have already used Facetime to a couple of close buddies and it's so easy-and cool. Easy is important to me as I've suffered a head injury and I find the iphone much easier than the Blackberry. To give you an idea of my challenges; when I first saw the screen of an iphone with multiple boxes, 3 yrs ago--I wouldn't even look into it as it appeared too complicated! Plus everyone using it was fast and everything was different. I'm now very happy this phone is so easy to use. It has already improved my life (which I never dreamed I'd be saying about a phone). And because Apple has tutorials that can be taken multiple times I expect to improve in its use and enjoyment.
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Any one using a 4S ?
Apple stopped making products for its lifelong users long ago, instead wisely opting to target its stuff at younger people than myself.  No problem there. I understand. 

However, I'm on the 6S+ and the battery continues to suck out loud - always did, always will as Apple had and has no plan to improve its battery. BIG problem there, folks. 

I'm officially done with the iPhone. My iPad has already been reduced to being the remote for my Sony HapZ1es since I discovered its real-world application failed me most of the time at both work and leisure.  My next computer will be a Mac, my next phone won't be an Apple.

I've long been accustomed to paying a premium for Apple's hardware, the software associated with it, not to mention the string of discontinued everything in its wake.  I used to love 'em, but it's all over now.  
i'm on 6+ now and can't be happier with battery that allows me to continuously talk for days on speaker phone and that can run GPS without recharge for 500mile long distance.
not sure what's wrong with 6s+ battery tho