Newer Kimber v. Older Kimber cables

Has anyone compared the newer Kimber Tonik or Timbre to the PBJ? I have used PBJ in the past and recall that it was very transparent, if not the smoothest cable around. I thought I had seen a previous thread on this subject, but was not able to find it when I searched.
I can`t really comment on the sound of the Kimber Tonik or Timbre since I`ve not heard them but I do know the new versions of the Kimber Select have changed in sound. That being said the new versions have more ``body`` are very transparent, better mids and smooth highs.....I read or heard the Tonik or Timbre was to take the place of the PBJ over time and some of the British Hi Fi mags really like both of these cables. Call Kimber Kable they are nice folks and very helpful.

happy listening
Re-viving an old thread here. Anyone want to comment on the newer Kimber cabling vs older models?
I've not directly compared the older Kimber to the newer but have heard some and own some. In the day I felt the entry Kimber was much better than similar priced AQ, Monster and etc. First set of ICs I bought directly from Ray over the phone in the 80s and they came with a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies; nice touch. I really like Kimber, but I think one can do better if ones looking at the lowered price stuff from companies like Clear Day Cables and others. I've compared the Clear Days at home against my Kimber's and took them to my local shop that picked up Kimber years ago on my suggestion and they were amazed how much the Clear Days walked all over the Kimber's; wasn't even close. The Kimber we compared were the TC speaker cables, Tonic, Timber and PBJ. To be fair the the Clear Day is a little more expensive, but not by much. I personally think the KCAG is a fine cable and the Clear Day is so close or equal to it I wouldn't spend the difference. So why bother on the lower priced Kimber? Kimber's upper priced cables are definitely fine cables, but much more expensive and I bet out of reach for most or just won't drop the money regardless. Forgot to mention that one of the employees at the local Kimber shop has outfitted his personal system with Clear Day Cables.
I went through a power cord phase from 2012-14, yes I'm crazy.  Anyhoo, of the oodles of cords, from $80-$1000, the Kimber PKs were my longest lasting.  
Agree on the PK's. I have a couple last generation PK10 Golds and a great cord for the money. I recently picked up a couple WyWires Silver Juice II PC's and prefer them over the Kimber's. The Kimber's are close but the WyWires have a much wider and deeper stage - more open. Kimber power cords are definitely fine cords for the money and pounce on cables at or below their price and I've listened to a few. 
Thanks! for sharing- adg101.