Newer CDP vs Older DAC

Hello. I was wondering if it ever makes sense to use a newer CDP with an older DAC? Actually I just got rid of an Technics 110 disk player of which I used the optical out into a Musical Fidelity A324 DAC. A fantastic sounding combination. Both are about 9 years old. Again, I only sold the Technics. I then plugged the optical out of a Marantz CC4001 DCP changer purchased about a year ago, which supposedly has a very good quality DAC into the A324. To my ears a far worse combination. Not nearly as vibrant or realistic. The sound of the present combo is too laid back/recessed with boomy bass being the obvious disadvantages. Any opinions on this is appreciated.
One digital signal processed through 2 DAC's may conflict musically together. I'd try the Marantz strickly as a transport first, thus bypassing its' internal DAC's.

Try the best connection options on both the player and processor, too. Components are truely different and each has it's best circuitry connections.

There may be an internal signal in the player or processor setting that needs a better setting adjustment through the on-screen menus, too. I'd start with the Marantz source then go to the processor for a look.

Your Marantz's output level may set be too low or high if it's adjustable.

There's more.

Two consecutive DACs are impossible. When you use optical out from your CD player, you are bypassing its internal DAC (the signal remains digital), and using the A324 as your DAC. In order to use the DAC from your CD player, you must use analog out.
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Yes a coaxial cable woks better but I have since added added to my system an iPod/Wadia 170i combo through the same DAC (A324) and its sounding very nice here now. The digital cable I used is the Creative Cable "Green Hornet".