Newer Bel Canto S300 versus Evo series????????

Thinking about setting up a 2 channel set up or might gop with Meridian pre for 3 channel stereo (I'd get cheap amp for 3 rear channels).If I end up with some difficult to drive speakers (am thinking Gallo Ref3's which I know can suck it up) think either Evo 2's or better yet evo6 gives me more than the 150 the S300 goes to.closer to the Ref1000's current.I wonder why the S300 does not allow for mono conversion (does it-no mentioned on Bel canto site).But wondering about those whop have heard difference between the older evo series and the new amps in terms of sound quality.Anybody help?
There are no bridging facilities on my S300.
For many years, Anthony Gallo (von Schweiker, John Dunlavy etc) have used Spectron amplifiers to develop his speakers including one you mentioned. He even presented Spectron Musician III at CES 2007.
Been thinking about your not being enamored with the Gallo Ref 3.It's gotten quite a few awards so wondering why you felt it was lacking.Reviews can't be be based on hs personality as I hear is a prick.Guess he thinks with his unique genius the world should be beating a path to his outdoor and garnering him Bose sales figures know one dealer who just didn't like dealing with the guy and dropped him for Totem.I was pissed that buying a used pair of Ref2's I found out that a mere two years after thier run no tweeters were available if you blew them.So much for support.So just wondering where you found faults?

What about other price/performance speakers?I was thinking that NHT Xd made a big stink at shows because of DEQX giving bigger and better presentation than sats/subs alone but the big system Stereophile rated highly would be better.But the ones I had thought about (other than B&W's I can get at dealer cost) were used Hyperion938,Ushers,
Totems,etc.I would have included Zu Druids in that mix but have doubts because 70% of listeners think there greatest thing since sliced bread and the other 30-5 think they suck.Never seen such a division with no fence siters.Gallo's were choice because I could get at 50% or so and use old Meridian 5.1 which has only 3 channel stereo any good.Could finish HT with Velodyne at cost but would prefer fast multi driver like Vandersteen or REL.But again what separated you from the pack on the Gallo band wagon?
As ever
P.S.Think best value in Bel Canto line might be $2500 used Evo6 which would be great fro fronts with 360x3 or 120x6.yes?