Newer amps like the Yamaha MX-2000?

Hi, I have an old Yamaha MX-2000 amp that's been in storage for most of the last 15 years. A few months ago I pulled it out and listened to it again. It still sounds great with my maggies - to my ears, neutral and sweet, detailed, and a nice big soundstage. But I haven't kept up with the audio scene for a long time, and I'm wondering what new amps there are today that are like the MX-2000. I'm sure things must have come a long way. I don't really have any complaints with the MX-2000, just that I may be missing out on something. Given its age, I'm also concerned about my ability to repair it if it breaks. So my question is: what newer amps are comparable to, or better than, the MX-2000 with similar sound characteristics?
I've recently seen some very positive comments regarding the newer Yamaha integrateds that may be worth checking out.  I think it was the A-S2100.  Best of luck. 

I have a vintage Yamaha amp - CA-2010 - from 1977. Had it refurbished & it’s driving a much easier load (Tannoy DMT10 Mk2 speakers) & like you I really like its natural sound. I don’t think i’m giving this amp up any time soon.
Magneplanars are a much tougher load - they like very high current amps - and I know that my CA-2010 is not up to that task.
The MX-2000 is spec’d at 130W/8 Ohms & 180W/4 Ohms & from one seller I got the following specs:
•Minimum RMS Output Power per Channel 20Hz 20 kHz
•0.005% THD, 8 ohms 130W +130W
•0.005% THD, 6 ohms 150W + 150W
•0.01% THD, 4 ohms 180W + 180Ws
•Dynamic Power per channel (IHF) 1 khz:
•8 ohms 180W; 6 ohms 240W; 4 ohms 340W; 2 ohms 490W; 1 ohm 600W
•Frequency Response 20Hz 20kHz, MAIN IN +0, -0.3dB
•Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz 20kHz)
•MAIN IN TO SP OUT, 130W, 8 ohms 0.005% Signal to Noise Ration (IHF-A-Network)
•MAIN IN (Shorted) 126dB

it appears that it would be sufficient for the Magneplanars.
Apparently the MX-2000 is a scaled down version of the legendary MX-10000 which was capable of 1200W/1 ohms & costed $11000 when new. wow!

I think you have one serious amp there in the MX-2000. Don’t let it go...
Thanks - yes the S-A2000, A2100, and A3000 all look similar and seem to have a similar quality construction. A lot of little improvements. But the stats are different at 90w and .07 THD more than 10 times worse. Maybe they measure things differently these days, I don't know. I wouldn't want anything less detailed than the mx-2000 - my priorities are detail first, soundstage second, and not too cold. From what I've read so far, the reviews are mixed, some with reliability concerns, although the sound signature as reported by many resembles the mx-2000. Steve Huff thought the A3000 was one of the greatest amps he heard - until it broke on him.  Maybe Yamaha has lost the mojo of the late 1980's. A lot of great audio came from that period, including the R10 headphones from sony.

I'll probably keep the mx-2000 for a while, but I'll start looking around. Are there any non-Yamaha amps that sound similar for under $2500?


The Yamaha B2x actually sounds better and has more current. It is a true dual mono amp and is the most detailed amp ever from Yamaha. I should know...owning...M80, M85, M60, M2, M4, Mx2000, B 2. B 1. The B 1 had by far the most current...but B2x was really really clean without the vieling that Mos Fets do. Find one...I've owed all the above and kept the B2x...B2...and M80...M60 and M4.