Newcomb 3D12 information

Hay all,

I’ve been offered a Newcomb 3D12 Amp from a friend of mine who has got to many projects going and wants to lose one. I have the amp it does need a small repair (one broken wire from moving) so I have not listened to it yet. This would be used in a second small system in my computer room. It has had a few Caps replaced and a few other components but we do not have the total list of parts replaced. looks over all in good shape. Also comes with a NOS set (4) of RCA 6v6gta’s (black base red lettering 1960’s I believe) and 6 Vintage Japanese 12ax7’s not sure on what brand. I suspect the tubes have been in this amp for decades sitting on the shelf testing almost new.

So at the price he’s asking I think the tubes are worth that so price isn’t the issue i’m more interested if anyone has heard one and what I should expect if I buy it and repair it (mode it too, clean it up and add proper speaker binding posts). they seem to be very rare as I cannot google anything about them other then lots of paper manuals on ebay. oh it comes with full schematics.

What is the power output? I can estimate from the 6V6’s at 25wch ??

is it even worth repairing or should I just take the tubes?

for fun I drop a couple of the 12AX7’s in my main rig taking out the JJ’s and wow I never liked the JJ’s but wow smother, detail is still there and bass is fuller. mmm maybe i’ll keep it for the tubes.

Any thoughts?