Newby problem with hum

I'm relatively new to this sick and exciting hobby and need some help from the experts. I am having a problem with hum. I think it's a ground loop issue, but not 100% sure. I get it when I'm switched to CDP and even louder when switched to my LP. I start hearing it when the volume control gets to about 12 o'clock and it becomes quite loud at 3 o'clock. Here's my setup...

Music Hall MMF7 w/ Goldring Eroica MC cartridge
Ah! Super Tjoeb CDP
Kimber Hero interconnects
Manley Stingray Integrated amp
Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables
Silverline Sonatas
Chang Lightspeed line filter

Any ideas would be helpful. If it is a ground issue, where should I start?


I have always found that only one component should be grounded and this has been confirmed by others. In your rig it would be the Manley. All other plugs should have cheaters on them removing the ground. The primary source of hum is multiple ground paths.
DAMN! How loud is it at 3 o'clock? Id honestly like to know.
The preamp should be a grounded component if your are going to use cheater plugs.
Sugarbrie, there is no preamp in the system. Smccull uses an integrated amp. I have suggested that this be the grounded component.
Thanks everyone. We seem to be making progress.

Here's what I did. I went to Radio Shack and bought three cheaters: one for the CDP, one for the TT and one for the phono stage. This had almost no effect. While I was there I also bought some RF chokes that the guy recommended. I put six on the IC between the TT and the phono stage and this seemed to make the biggest difference. The hum from the CDP is completely gone and the hum from the TT is reduced quite a bit but still there when I crank up the volume. Originally I could hear the cartridge picking up a radio station. That's completely gone but at loud listening levels I can still hear a modest hum between tracks.

A couple more questions...

The guy at Radio Shack said that there my be a problem in the ground wiring in my house. Anyone ever heard of this or had problems with it? Is it worth getting my electrician out? Do the RF chokes affect the signal in any detrimental way? What I'm hearing does sound better already, but just thought I'd check before I go buy a bunch more.

Could it also be a shielding problem with the Kimber Hero's? I've heard that they are shielded but maybe not. I have .5 meter lengths so I can't go any shorter here.

If there are any other ideas, I'm welcome to hear them.

Bundee, I don't have a spf guage so I don't really know how loud it is but it's pretty significant with the volume turned to 3 o'clock. Put it this way, it's still a significant hum.

First thing to do is go to as they have a section on hum on there web page as it's very helpful, and it will walk you through step by step until you have isolated the problem. The chockes are no good for sound. I think it's your LP! but check out there web site as it will give you great info. Happy fixen!
Rheostats (light dimmers) on the line can be a real source of garbage also.
Smccull, you could have a cable tv ground loop problem. This can be solved by getting a pair of matching transformers($5) and put them in series with the cable tv line. Check your cable tv ground and the ground wire across your water meter. Cheater plugs will work also. Try putting in a dedicated 20amp 12 wire line in and put the cheater plug at the outlet. I am not to crazy about putting cheaters after the filter. Get an A.W. Sperry outlet tester (Home Depot $6)and test the outlet and all outlets in your house for polarity. Put your cheater plug in your dedicated outlet and test the outlet again. It should still light up correct, even though the ground is out. Why, because the ground and nuetral wire are on the same bus in the main box. If you are still getting a ground hum, call an electrician an put in an isolated ground in.
I had a ground loop/hum problem that was evident in my audio set up. Mine turned out to be the TV cable line. A simple test would be to disconnet your cable TV from the source or wall connecton and see if the problem goes away. I put a filter on the cable line and my hum has gone away.
Actually there is a preamp in this system. It is in the same case as the power amp. I wonder if the integrated amp could be modified/upgraded, or at least checked to see if it is grounded properly or well enough??

Can you upgrade the power cords on these units?
Thanks everyone for your help, especially Jsawhitlock. I checked out the psaudio site and they have a great hum wizard. As it turned out my phono pre was sitting too close to the amp. I rearranged the configuration as well as put an aluminum shielding jacket on my cables and the hum nearly went away. It's now barely audible when I have it turned up to 3 o'clock, which is passible for now. I'm going to experiment with some better shielded cables since I can't get the components any farther apart in my rack. Hopefully that'll carry me the rest of the way home.

Thanks again!
Smcull, glad to hear your hum problem is corrected, there hum wizard offers some great info!
If your looking for cables try there speaker cable as It's very good, I'm using there Statement and Plus speaker cable for my Logans, I use the Statements for the woofers and Plus for the panels and my system is sounding great. Happy Listening!
You think the PSAudio cables are better than the Analysis Plus?
Smcull, I have not tried the AP wire but have tried the PS Audio Statements and Plus. I have Martin Logans so I use the Statements for the woofers and the Plus on the panels. I think my speaker wire search is over as I'm very happy with the sound. I also use all Lab II PC, Statement IC and there digital IC. You may consider trying the cables as they offer a 30 trial! What dont you like about the AP wire? The new Statements are the best sounding speaker cables I have tried in my system and I think I'm done with wire for now! Happy Lstening!
Js, I didn't say I was unhappy with the AP's. But then again, since I'm new to this I don't have anything to compare them to.
What is a cheater plug???

A cheater plug converts a three prong plug into two prong by eliminating the ground. It helps put everything on a single ground.
new expansion to this problem - what do you do if you are a DIGITAL cable user?