newbie with basic question, please

Read over lots in this and the digital forum. I am interested in setting a server up for high quality playback. Can you please confirm that I am not missing some important piece of the puzzle, please?

1. Apple macbook or imac (w/remotes) - or another option = Apple TV + Itouch/remote software
2. External HD - would a wireless one work?
3. Dac/pre (e.g. benchmark) to amp - speakers

Would this seemingly simple system work, or am I missing something?

Thanks a bunch.
Assuming the Apple has the right output to match up with your DAC/pre, and that cables are implicit in your system description, yep, I think you have everything you need. And it will sound pretty good, too.

Yes, cables are, indeed, implicit. As for the output, I assume Apples will work with a Benchmark DAC/Pre, but will check.
Apple will definitely work fine with Benchmark USB version (the current version available). Whether you like the Benchmark sound is another story altogether. There are alternatives. Any USB DAC should work fine. My choice would be an MHDT Paradisea+ which uses a tube buffered output. You can use a wireless hard drive but whether it will work is really dependent upon the drive and the wireless network/device. Though music streaming is not that demanding I've heard folks have had problems running an ethernet drive over a basic wireless like Apple's own Airport. You can also run an NAS drive, but from what I've read some work much better than others in streaming music without any dropouts or delays. I'd do some research on the specific device you plan to use as it applies to streaming music over a network. The numbers may look like it should work, but in the practical application you might be disappointed. It certainly can be done seamlessly - you just need the right gear to make it happen. A wired hard drive will also work without any concerns using virtually any interface including the old USB (version 1). Using Apple and iTunes most of the stuff is just plug-and-play. Ripping the files to the hard drive is critical in getting good sound. Many threads on that subject. Basically stick to WAV or Apple Lossless with "Error Correction" on and you should be cookin' with gas.
One question. Is everythng in the same room? Big hard drive tends to be noisy.

If the HD is in another room, need to make sure your network is fast enough to do what you need. Wired or wifi. Consider Wifi-N router with a NAS connect directly to it and put these in another room. Should be good enough for audio, but HD video might be tough.

For AppleTV + I touch solution, still need a monitor or TV to see the album art. Not that bad. Just need to get an inexpensive 16:9 LCD monitor wth DVI/HDCP input.
Thank you!

All in the same room - an home office, actually, with several computers.

Hard to know about the DAC/pre - I cannot find any near me to try, so it'll be a shot in the dark.
A friend (restock) uses the mac mini with the USB benchmark and external notebook drives. sound great and is really quiet! The notebook drives are important since the standard 3.5" drivers can be a little on the noisy side.
I'm using a benchmark DAC1 USB and have zero complaints with the sound. My laptop and 750gig external hard drive are on the same breaker and sit less than 4 feet from my rig (my amp is sharing the same outlet with my computer). DAC is fed by a 6' USB cable.

mixing/matching ICs and power cords can do A LOT to calm down any edge/siblance associated with 16bit digital from the computer through the 24-bit upsampling DAC.
thanks, all, very much. keep the rec's coming!