Newbie.. what CDP/DAC for Krell 400xi and ML SL3

Just starting my first high end system. What I have got so far:
- Krell 400xi (new)
- Martin Logan SL3 (used)
- Alpha Core MI2 single-wired speaker cable (new)

Now, I am trying to get a budget CDP (under $1000). Any good suggestions?

On the other hand, like many others, I have an Oppo971 for video. Do you think getting a DAC can be a good alternative? How about a used MF Trivista?

(Please feel free to comment on my current combination too)

Thanks everyone
With that system you my want a tubed player to smooth our the highs a bit. The Jolida J100 fits your budget new or used and would be perfect. It a very smooth player and a really great value with a big following. Check it out and good luck!
Before reading Jond's comment; the first thing that came ot mind when looking at your current set up is to get some tubes or a "warm" sounding source in there.

You may be headed for a very "sterile" analytical sound that is uninvolving.
Thanks for your reply. Actually doing more research right now..
- in some other threads, folks suggest 400xi is best go for XLR
- I found that Jolida actually carries a JD700 dvd play (tube + XLR)
- Though people say JD100 sounds better than JD700...
So, among these two, any suggestions? Or there are more options?
Naim CD5i. ~ $1000 used.
I just got a 400xi in my system this week. I haven't heard it in my system with another source, but it does sound very nice with the JD100, and Maggie 1.6s. I also replaced the 12AX7s in the Jolida with RCA 5751s, which are even more laid back than the 12AX7s.
I did hear the 400xi at the dealer's in single ended/RCA mode and in Balanced/XLR mode. XLR was louder, but I couldn't tell if it was better or not.
Good luck
Ktang, please let me have some feedback on either Jolida CDp with your 400xi. A while back,I used XLR connections from the KAV 280 CDP to the 400 xi and it was a day and night difference in term of not only dynamic (+ 6db)but details and tonal balance. I sold the Krell CDP280 for a personal taste in matching my system between black and silver. Just got back from Tweeter, Sade never sounds so warm and real with 400xi and the SACD standard and ML. I was about to buy the Jolida Jd100 or the Apollo but I believe nothing better than 400 xi and SACD combination running in XLR connection. I have decided I have to wait another 6 months or so to get the SACD at the authorized dealer but it will worth the wait. I have to live with the Rotel 1072 for now which is not really a good match for 400xi at all.
I too have found the Krell 400xi to sound much better in balanced mode vs. single-ended. I also found this Amplifier to sound “great” when paired with the Krell SACD Standard (Stereophile A+ rated), especially in balanced mode. The + 6dB gain is quite noticeable and appreciated (less work for the Amp. to do), plus on SACDs the Standard adds + 5.5 dB via Filter 3, for a whopping 11.5 dB output gain! Like certain components from other manufacturers, the Krell 400xi & SACD Standard are sonically, functionally and aesthetically (look awesome together in Black) made for each other. As per Krell, these two particular components were co-developed side-by-side (Krell currently markets them as the “Executive System), and have received excellent reviews as a system. For some Buyers of the 400xi, the Standard might be a financial stretch (@ $4,500) to purchase, but it is well worth the investment, I feel that this Player squeezes-out every once of Class A performance from this Amp. All of the Tweeter/Sound Advice stores that I've been in as of late have had this combo. set-up, usually paired with ML, Krell Res. 2 or Focal 1027 Be Speakers, and the sales-reps tell me that they sell very well together.

Incidentally, I recently purchased the 400xi/Standard/1027 Be combination, set-it-up in a fairly large 25’x20’ room and couldn't be happier. For $15K, this system can hang with the very best systems that I have heard. Save-up your money, and then buy the Standard to pair with the 400xi, you’ll have no regrets, besides not having done it sooner.
The humanly warm and big vocal from the SACD Standard & the 400xi is something tough to beat. Listened couple hours to the BAT combo VK42 (?)/ vk250 with the Rega Apollo/ Cary 303/300, yet the sound was beautifully produced but still there was something missing : the human side of the reproduction of music which the SACD Standard & the 400Xi can do well.
Thanks a lot everyone.
I am in a search for my SACD standard now, and hitting a few questions/problems.

#1. Where to buy
Just went to a local dealer during the weekend, but the salesman did not seem interested in my business and I was a little pissed. Now I am considering to get one elsewhere. Krell does not authorize online sales in general. Anyone has good suggestions? In am living in SF Bay Area.

#2. Version 1 vs Version 2
I read from some threads that version 1 had a problem with the Philip drive, and finally Krell released version 2.
- Is version 1 really bad?
- How do I distinguish between version 1 and 2?
I had very good experience with guys over Audio Video Logic they do sell Krells over internet. You can get a good deal on Krell SACD standard there if they still have stocks. As far as i know, the later version has bigger display and different type of chip other than Phillip's that I know of. Good luck.
The SACD Standard Version 1 has a nicer looking display, the newer display looks cartoonish, the numbers and letters are far too big, plus you can't see the Track # that is currently playing. The newer transport is also a bit noisy. Most people feel that the Version 2 sounds slightly better (a bit more robust), though Krell claims no noticeable sonic differences between the two. I would try to get an "A Stock" used Version 1, it will be a couple of hundred dollars less, plus I think you'll like the original display and quieter transport better. The Version 2 exists only because Phillips stopped making the Version 1 transport (did not want to invest in new tooling) that the SACD Standard was originally designed around. Krell did not voluntarily make changes to the SACD Standard 18-months into production, this change was forced upon them and they had to make the best of the situation, as typical with Krell, they succeeded.