Newbie to HT - Optical vs Digital Coax

I'm new to digital HT and just purchased a DD pre/proc and a DVD player. The player has optical outputs but not digital coax. Is it fine to go ahead and use the optical outputs, or should I take the player back and buy one that has digital coax outputs as well. I'm not spending a lot on a player, thus why I probably ended up with one without digital outs. Is there a sound difference between the two? Thanks
Scot - If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it. Plug in the optical cable and enjoy. Are there sonic differences? It really depends on the rest of your system as to whether those differences will even be noticeable. Yes, there are differences, but until you become an audio/video addict, like many of us around here, don't sweat the small stuff. If you're into trying different cables and power cords and .... with the attendant costs, then check into a different player. Otherwise, enjoy a little simplicity and, more important, your a/v system. Just my .02
I use a Toslink from my set top box and a coax from my DVD, no real difference that I can tell through my HT set up. If this was a question of what's better, Toslink would clearly be the loser but unless it's critical audio only listening, probably doesn't matter. I'm with Jcb, don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things...
Jeff, never heard that one before/I like it. Wonder why some of the new guys don't go back to see if their topic hasn't been discussed 20/30 times already? Mr.Newbie, If you can change the player for not much money/ I would. Happy holidays.
Yo Scot, The difference between Toslink and coax is far more apparent on CD audio than on Dolby Digital because the stucture of the digital signal is more of a steady data stream than a series of 16 bit words as it is in CD audio. So the type of cable (toslink vs. coax) and the quality of the cable is far less critical with Dolby Digital than with a CD player & D/A converter. Home Theater Magazine did a "cable shoot-out" a couple of years ago and came to that conclusion. I've done some cable switching on my DVD player and using Audioquest's best $220/meter Digital/Video/RF Pro coax vs. toslink and cheaper coax, I couldn't hear a difference that would convince me to spend the bucks for the Pro. I do use the Pro on my Pioneer Elite CLD-97 laserdisk player where it makes a big difference.
Agree with everyone. Won't make much difference, but coax is better. If it won't cost much get a coax out machine and spend $45 on a Canare Digiflex II cable(this site). If you're already set up then I probably wouldn't worry. Oh, by the way I have coax only. Happy listening....LR