Newbie to audio

Wow, what a wealth of information! Thanks in advance for answering all of my stupid questions, I am wet behind theears in regards to high end audio. Actually, with my upbringing you'd think I'd be an aural whiz kid. My Dad was an engineer\artist\sales guy for lines like Tannoy, Bose, Yamaha, QSC, Ashly, EV etc. He repped mostly PA lines but we always had a great system in the house, I guess I just didn't get into it because who wants to share a hobby with your dad....not cool for a teenager. Well I'm much older now (almost 40!)and I finally have developed an interest. This latest obsession can be traced to my boss, he's obsessed. I've been to his house several times and enjoyed his system so much that I decided to take him up on his offer to help me build a system. First thing I did was call my dad and ask him for his advice on a set of speakers. I told him to do some research and find me a decent pair of speakers for $1000. My dad just laughed and told me that he had everything I needed packed up in the garage, he had been saving it for me for some 30 years now. A week later three huge boxes arrived containing a pair of Tannoy Little Gold Monitors (10") and a Sonetic amp (Sonetic was made by QSC as a DJ line). I had no idea what I was looking at but my dad assured me I was off to a good start. My boss agreed. Next came a bunch of components from my boss at an obscene discount... my new pride and joy, the VPI Scout turntable with JMM tonearm. Looks cool, sounds cooler. Next we added a YS Audio tube phono stage the Concerto model with all the upgrades, all of this goes into the Dared SL2000A tube pre-amp. Wow, I had no idea what I have been missing all of these years. Now all I do is scrounge for vinyl and sit in front of my starter system with my jaw hanging open... either that or make my wife sit in front of it and say things like "listen to the highs from cymbals!". She just nods and smiles.

Enough of this long diatribe, the reason for this first post is to get some advice on amplifiers. Clearly the weak link in my system is my power amp. I am looking for something less than $1000. How much power should I be looking for? Does anyoone know if these are 8 or 4 ohm speakers and what the hell does that mean anyway?
See what else your dad has.
I'm sure he would agree that you want to compare amps to learn about the differences.
See if he has any tube gear laying around.
Bigger isn't always better...
Can I check out dad's garage? Please????
I'm not sure where to send you regarding amps, though there are many, many options. Someone more familiar with your speakers may need to weigh in, and Evelick's advice is right on.

Another suggestion is to look at the most recent tread on the SL2000a (link below) and make sure you have a good tube complement. It's wonderful with the right tubes, very average with the stock tubes. I recommmend an Amperex Bugelboy 5AR4 rectifier (this will give you the biggest improvement), and Mullard 12at7s.
I think Tannoy's will take a tube amp
My highest recommend, though have not haerd it is the Ming Da KT90 tube amp, goes for 1K, a seller here is offering the unit. I have a KT9 tube amp and feel its a good investment.
Here is my 2 cents,

From what you described so far a tube amp would be fun to play with. I see the Dynaco rebuilds for about $500-800 and I keep stopping myself. I bought an ARC VT-60 and I am astonished by the difference between tube and solid state. For me the tube amp really takes the rough edges off my music collection. In a way I envy you ... it was just $40,000 ago I was playing with the idea of getting back into audio.

Ok, maybe it's not been that bad ... in fact the trick is to watch for a good deal, buy it, try it and if it's not your cup of tea, pass it on to someone else. Put the cash back into the system. I pour a little into the system every year and I am very happy with what I have. There were dark times ... but this forum and the advise of a few good friends has helped me build a system I love to listen to.

I finally got around to trying tubes and I never looked back. To me it's love at first note. The straw that broke the camel's back was a demo of a Jolida integrated amp (telefunken upgrade), a little pair of Paradigm studio 20's and a modded Denon CDP. Man ... it made my system sound like a clothes dryer with tennis shoes in it. I'm now at a cross roads : I'm considering selling off the Levinson amps and picking up a pair of tubed monoblocks.

Rather then sell the farm right off the bat ... I tried the ARC amp to make sure it would have a desirable effect in my home ... on my system ... real world so to speak - it's sweet! I hate the see the Levinson's go ... I spent years lusting after them but I am hooked.

Now I am playing with different tubes and trying to figure what I like. As you can tell from the above posts - there are a lot of well informed, knowledgeable people that are will to share what they know.

Good luck and welcome from an old mule!
Ya , what Horseface said . It is good , uh , sense . See , I didn't say it !
I recommend the Prima Luna Prologue 2 . It is a tubed integrated amp that is auto biasing . Very nice sounding with no user maintaince required . There is an earlier model - Prologue 1 that will fit your budget , used .
Good luck .