Newbie to analog: Hi end rigs $2-5K on used market

I last used an analog rig 15 yrs ago. I am getting a new system with the Hovland Sapphire tube amp and the new speaker system from Fab Audio ( check the news section at the bottom of the page to see a description of my system). The preamp has yet to be finalized. My musical tastes are eclectic, but alternatve rock/pop,jazz and classical (in that order) are my preference. I welcome any and all suggestions egarding TT, tonearms and cartridges.

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I know, I'm recommending Teres again. But it is a really great table at reasonable cost.

I'd say get a Teres 245 brand new, and new Origin Live Silver or Encounter tonearm, and a Shelter 501 or 901 cartridge. You can get most or all of this for between $4k-$5k brand new. It is better than most or all of the used tables you could get for $5k.
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I am also in the similar situation and would like to upgrade my current TT package (MMF-5). I have read a lot of your suggestions of the above combination and am thinking to buy as you suggested. One question before I take the plunge: Are they difficult to setup for a average person like me (who have only limited knowledge about TT setup, such as: adjusting Tracking force - on MMF-5, this seems the only thing I have to do)?

Give Audio Advancements/Hart a call {973-875-8075+factory direct}.The Eurolab table with a Morch/RB with Incognito wiring or Golden Gate arm and a Clearaudio Sigma Wood.$1600 +arm +$850-900 for Clearaudio.If you can afford it,go for the heavier platter on the Euro.I have owned very expensive tables and thought I would be missing out by down-sizing=Not TRUE! I use the Euro Prem. w/80mm platter,Schroeder Model 2 and Clearaudio Ref.Large soundstage,harmonic and dynamic truths and good frequency extension with no mechanical artifacts.
Laoyuap, it is easy with the Teres. The table can be purchased fully assembled, with just minor assembly to do after unpacking. You have to put the oil in, and install the spindle and platter. You have to put the belt on. You have to put the arm on. You can order the TT with the correct arm hole pre-drilled. In the case of the 245/OL silver/Shelter, it is very simple. You should have a cartridge alignment protractor suitable for Rega arms, which is the same geometry as OL, a tracking force scale, a couple of allen wrenches and a screwdriver. Most or all turntables require a nominal amount of assembly when you take them out of the box. This is nothing to be afraid of. Also, Teres has no suspension to set up or adjust.
Does the $20 Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool from work for OL silver (Rega) arm?

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I went with a VPI Aries, JMW-10, Shelter 501... comfortably in the middle of your range & outstanding sound!
Laoyuap, I use the TT basics protractor, and I think it works fine. There are some who like to use more esoteric products and alignments, but I have gotten good results from that protractor with my arm.
Thanks for the suggestions so far and I'd welcome a few more choices.
I'm running a clearaudio unify arm (925) w/ a Grado Sonata (500) mounted to a clearaudio evolution table which I purchased used on Audiogon for $1K. The Unify (unipivot) hasn't gotten too much press, but I have found it to be superior to my previous OL RB 250. Cartridge matching with the unipivot is important, but I have found the Sonata to work very well, and the MM Grado makes pre-amp issues a little less complex than MC. I currently use an AES PH-1 (600 assembled, 400 kit), but I agree that the ARC unit is a superb choice. I have checked into the Teres table, and I have been very impressed by what I have read. It is also a great value. Something I would also seriously consider. All rigs will require some set-up and some patience, but that's vinyl, right?

I recently got back in to analog. After a great amount of shopping I ended up with a Nottingham Hyperspace/Spacearm/Dynavector 17d2 combo. My last turntable setup (about 2 1/2 years ago) was a Linn LP12. I like the Nottingham better than the LP12. The Nott has a warm, yet detailed presentation (more detailed than the LP12, but not as warm). But the best thing is that it is so much easier to setup than the LP12. This was the reason I sold the LP12, it is a great table but very finicky. I would suggest listenign to the NOtt and also the Michell.
I second the Hyperspace/Spacearm. The best combo under $10,000 I have ever heard.

Email me if you have any question !

Good luck.
As long as your looking for a pre-amp, check out the phono pre amp from bear labs ( I'm not affiliated, just a satisfied customer, and have compared it to, among others, The Groove, Aesthetix Io, Jadis JP 200, Klyne, CAT and other high end phono stages, and to my ears it bests the strengths of any of them, and, more importantly, drags me back into listening too long because it is so inherently musical--works with the lowest output moving coil cartridges, allows for impedance adjustment, and can be set via switch for mm if that's your preference. I have no desire to try anything else.
I would highly recommend the Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm combo (around $2000 street price) + Shelter 501 ($700).

You would have to spend a lot more to get the same performance of this table/arm/cartridge.
Since it is exactly what I have, Danduy, I'd agree, but would be souding like a broken record.