Newbie to analog

I just acquired 100 LPs from a friend who retired from music listening so I'm about to get my feet wet in the world of analog. Could someone shed some light on what entry level turntable and phono preamp (used or new) that would rival the sound quality of CDs played through a Sony SCD-XA5400ES? My system consists of Tekton Lore and Grant Fidelity A534 int amp with Shuguang treasure tubes.
I suggest dropping expectations if you want to enjoy analog.
No reasonable TT is going to be equal. Comparable is someways maybe. But it will sound different, withdiferent flaws than Cd has.
Any of the many great entry TTs out there, with a $300 phono box.
Best off buying used, so if you find it is not the right one, you can sell it and not take a big loss.
Any entry TT, any phono. really.

Just grab some and start playing. With some experience, you can start to look for what pleases you more.
It is a 50/50 chance you will find LP playing sucks. Or, that you love it.
You have a nice system. I suggest buying a Music Hall 5.1. I think there's a 1-week old demo up for sale now. You get the whole thing - tt, arm, cart for like $700. I've owned one and it's plenty good enough to get started up with analog. It's really a plug and play. If you later want to upgrade, you can probably sell it at a $200 loss at most and get something better - or just get rid of it if you don't like it.
Does your preamp or integrated amplifier have built-in phono, or do you have to buy a phono stage within your stated budget?
Wait, how does one retire from music listening? You mean he went completely deaf or died?

But seriously, I agree with Chayro that the Music Hall is a great entry level turntable and comes plug-and-play. Other alternatives would be the lower-priced Pro-Jects or Regas.

Welcome to the world of analog.
See if you can find a hi-end dealer in your area who sells analog. If so, maybe you can take home some gear to listen to in your own system.

Depending on the equipment you borrow, you may not prefer it over your CD player. Give it some time. You may find that you can listen to analog longer and you get more into the music. See if you tap your feet more.
Welcome to the best Dude!!
(How can he 'retire'from music
Well i had a work friend who got married. he decided to get rid of the system, as it was in the basement. I happened to be the only person he knew whom he though would be happy to get such a treat.

And he and his wife would from then forward just use the upstairs media center. (they were also planning to sell that home and move to a condo...)
So for $100 i got a ton of great stuff.
Most of it I sold. i still have the Dynavector Ruby 23 cartridge.... And the Stax earphones...
And because of the stuff, in wheeling and dealing i ended up with a free to me (no out of pocket) Audio Research Sp-15.
So that is one possible reason to dump a stereo.
"bachelor become husband".
Wow. If Elizabeth is suggesting that the new bride's Wife Acceptance Factor for a stereo was already at zero, I wish that guy all the best of luck.
Elizabeth: WHAT????