Newbie - Streaming Recommendations

I am seeking some recommendations for Casual Streaming, by which I mean an easy means of streaming my Apple Music to my existing system, with the ability to eventually add wireless multiple room capability with remote powered speakers.

For reference my current system is: Pro-Ject 2Xperience -> C2600 -> MC275 -> B&W CDM1. I have heard very good things regarding the onboard DAC in the C2600, so at this point I'm not looking for a separate DAC.

My initial thoughts were either Sonos Connect, or Bluesound Node2i, but frankly "I don't know, what I don't know" and while the amount of information online is vast, it is also somewhat confusing, and occasionally contradictory. 

Thoughts? Thanks in Advance!
Rereading your post, I see that you want to stream Apple Music to your existing system.  I use a Bluetooth DAC from Audioengine when I stream from my phone.
A simple way to get what you want would be to just add a Sonos Connect.  Your setup would go like this:

SonosConnect -> C2600 -> MC275

Use the Coax out from the Sonos Connect to the C2600.  This will bypass the onboard DAC in the Connect and use the DAC in the C2600.  You also need to set the Connect output to FIXED via the Sonos app.

Now you can just use the Sonos app to stream your Apple Music and any other streaming service available via Sonos.  Note Sonos does not support hi res streaming... but you aren’t using that anyway via Apple Music.  Enjoy.
Thanks for the feedback... I actually just looked into switching to Tidal, so now I'm looking back at the Node 2i.

I really like the features and functions of the Cambridge Audio Azur 851N, but it doesn't support MQA or Airplay 2.
There is a big difference etween streaming “Apple Music for background listening “ which is a compressed source that it’d seem like you will be scrutinizing for sound quality, and streaming Tidal.  When you figout just what it is that you want to do, then perhaps ask for help
Fair point Mahler, but part of being a newbie is not fully knowing what one's options are. Frankly nearly all the devices I was researching were touting Tidal, so I looked into it, and realized the HIFI membership was only a tad more expensive than what I was already paying for Apple Music.

Reviewing depths of your prior posts I see you're very knowledgable, and appreciate your response. 

Would I be far off thinking that perhaps the Node 2i is where I need to be looking to support, both 'casual' Apple Music streaming, Tidal HiFi/MQA streaming, playing my current music collection from disk (ALAC), as well as Apple 2 compatibility for multi-room support, which in retrospect is more clearly what I want to do.

I’m curious what the result was...

I have Win10 LT>Dacport LX>B60>DM630i and have been looking for the ability to choose songs from phone/tablet.

Research to this point has me
BUDGET: Chrome Audio 
Bang4Buck: Node2i
The Node2 is a good choice.  I had some problems with the Bluesound multiroom deal, but I’m using it now to demo Qobuz, which the OP may want to investigate along with Tidal.  If you go with Bluesound, I suggest starting with one unit only, and using a wired connection (not Powerline Adapters).
  Sorry if I popped off a bit, but they it came down was like a car buyer saying he doesn’t want anything fancier than a Honda Fit, and then in the next breath wanting to compare Mercedes vs BMW.  I had tailored my original response to the presumed budget recommendation for background listening
Thx Mahler. 

Did you leave off the - i - deliberately? Should I look for a used Node2? I’m never against saving money!
Get the node 2i. Dealer suggested it to me 5 months ago,  with tidal. That's what they use.  Been very happy with it.  We use it with our phones and I pad. I have Samsung phone and wife has apple. Play tidal in the car also, via bluetooth.  No cds or vinyl. Straight digital. 
I use a Vault 2i output to DAC. I’m using 75 digital cable RCA out BNC in to DAC. I have constant drop outs every few minutes. Is it the connection or what?
From everything I've read and what I have,  the node 2i is the way to go. I have mine plugged into router via 
Cat 6a. Then use digital coaxial to receiver.  I do not have the vault.