Newbie speaker help for smaller room

I have been wearing myself out listening to a slew of speakers. My current favorites are the Spendor S8e and Sonus Faber Grand Piano. I have started to worry, however, that these speakers are too large for my room. Our room is 13 x 20 with 8 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, large area carpet, and three open doorways to adjacent rooms. Because of the layout the speakers have to go across the short side of the room. Also, the speakers are spousaly limited to about two feet from the wall, meaning the speakers will be about 9 from listening position. Too much of a good thing? No need to panic? Thanks in advance for any help.
I have S8e's in my room which is 15x18. I currently have them oriented on the long wall, but I've had them set up on the short wall too. If I recall, on the short wall they offered a little more stage depth. I had them about 2 - 3 feet from the side walls and about 30 inches from the rear. Unfortunately that orientation also forced me to sit too far from the speakers. In fact, my biggest issue with that setup was where to put the furniture. In the end my wife made an executive decision.

I really love my Spendors, but the SF Grand Pianos were another speaker I loved and seriously considered. You wouldn't go wrong with either of them.
I have had the Sonus Faber Grand Piano in a 11'x17'x8' room with the speakers along the short wall and didn't find any issues. I think the size of your room is just nice for speakers in that kind of size range. Between the two I would choose Harbeth for a more accurate and neutral presentation but it depends on your listening preferences and electronics.
They will be fine. I find room issues only in very small rooms (12x12) or at very high volume (90db+).
Thanks for the help! I just came back to sit on my sofa after auditioning in a large room (which got very filled) and started to wonder if I was looking at the wrong size. Wow, audiogon is a great resource.