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I've sold some audio equipment for the first time and am a little perplexed at what is happening.  Would appreciate comments so I can avoid problems again.

First time out was intentionally low risk: Schiit Modi 3 and Vali 2 for $175 on US Audio.  PayPal, buyer pays shipping.  Insurance was through US Audio's recommended 3rd party insurer.  Original packaging, plenty of pictures. 

I was immediately contacted by a guy in Portland.  He has about 25 purchases on record at USAudio, mostly of Schiit products.  Good seller comments.  I issued the invoice and he paid via PayPal.  However, because I am a first time seller PayPal put a hold on the funds pending proof of delivery.

Next day 6/23 I shipped via USPS parcel select, adult signature required.  Tracking shows item got to Portland 6/29, moved around Portland USPS facilities until 7/2, then nothing.  Never even went out for delivery. 

To my surprise on 7/15 PayPal released the funds to my account.  I filed a missing package form with USPS but they haven't found the package.  Can't submit an insurance claim until 7/23 (30 days).  Not a peep from the buyer! 

I'm perplexed at that.  I plan on filing an insurance claim on Saturday, even though I have the money.  As I understand it the buyer has plenty of time to file a claim with PayPal saying he never got delivery, and rightly so.  Would you guys have done things differently?  There's not much at stake here, but if I sell (or buy) anything of substantial value I want to do it right and minimize my risk.  Comments are appreciated.

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I've only bought on us audiomart other than eBay.  Each time I talked over the phone to sellers on AudioMart,  I mailed personal checks and postal money orders. 1500, 1300 and I was 2000 dollars. Each time the sellers could've easily stole my money but each time they shipped the items in a timely fashion and verified delivery with a signature, also the sellers were surprised that I would trust them with this type payment, I have no leg to stand on should they decide to steal the money.  I figure my luck will eventually wear out and no longer buy anything like this. PayPal doesn't exist in my world. 


I too have purchased audio by writing a personal check.  After talking on the phone with the seller and receiving several other pictures at my request.  He was sort of amazed that I would send a check.  And at the same time possibly a little anxious that the check was real.  I told him no problem let the check clear and then send them.  It was a pair of mid-range drivers for my speakers that were NIB, which is simply unheard of, I would bet there are only a few in the world.  It was smooth as silk and the seller lives in Hawaii and me in NJ. 

There are plenty of good honest people, don't let the bad ones drag you down.



Update:  I've emailed the buyer twice with no response.  I guess its safe to assume that it was delivered.  It didn't occur to me that the USPS tracking would be so screwed up.  Well, thanks to everyone for the comments.

As somebody who retired from the Post Office TRACKING means nothing especially during the summer when the regular carriers are on vacation and there are SUBSTITUTE carriers who are not familiar with the route they are delivering. There are NO REPERCUSSIONS at the post office for Carriers who dont do their jobs correctly (Scanning).  You cant get fired from the Post Office unless you murder somebody...and even then it has to be on Post Office property. Thats how strong the Union is.