Newbie seeks advice - please help

Hi all,

I need some help building my first system. The one piece that I am set on is Monitor Audio RS6s, I love the sound and feel they offer a great price to performance.

For source, I am leaning toward the Music Hall 25.2 cd player. I have read great reviews and HCM Audio has an attractive price with new powercord and good interconnects:

So on to my receiver. On one hand, I am tempted by the idea of getting the Music Hall 25.2 amp for the synergy with the cd player, but then I keep reading about how amazing the Outlaw is for the price.

How do I make this decision? Auditioning would be nice, but no one around my way has the Music Hall, and I would like to do this in one shot.

This is my first system, so my ears are still getting used to high(er) end audio. Would the Music Hall run the MA-RS6's fine? How is the bass on the Music Hall Amp? Do I need the extra 50 watts of power per channel that I could get from the Outlaw? But then, we don't listen to radio, so I don't think I really need the outlaw's tuner capability.

Any advice would be really appreciated!!!

Thanks - Marty

Sounds like you want a good sounding budget system and don't want to fuss with it much beyond that. I don't think you will be dissapointed with either the Music Hall amp or the Outlaw. Personally I would try and buy all this stuff used if you can. You will save upwards of 50% and it won't depreciate much beyond that. The Cd player does seem like a good buy new though. If you don't think you are the fiddly fussy audiophile type who is going to be constantly changed out stuff in your system just get the Music Hall combo from HCM and call it a day. If you've never had a decent stereo system you're gonna love it! If you keep lurking on these forums and desire to learn more and hear better, beware you are becoming an audiophile, get ready to start obsessing.
Don't know anything about the Music Hall.

I heard the Outlaw 2150 driving PSB Image 45Ts. Based on my own experience I would rate it between a NAD 325BEE and a Parasound A23 in overall sound quality. And it has a on board USB DAC. Also, Outlaw offers an in-home trial period. The 2150 I listened to had a sloppy volume control--this is a common problem Outlaw has never bothered to fix.

Seems like the 2150 would work great in a starter system. I'm sill considering it for my home office but I wish Outlaw would fix the volume control.

There is a great deal of good information on lower priced systems in various A'gon threads . The "Virtual Systems" forum has a bunch of "real world" systems.

Have fun,
Since you are using just a CD player,had you thought about an inregrated.I have been playing with the Winsome Labs Mouse.It is a very good unit and cheap ($410 delivered).Has a single input with Alps pot.Open up the potentiometer and you are ready to add a pre-if desired.
There are several used original Rega Planet CD players available on here for just under $300. This was my very first high end player and it really offers excellent slightly warm sound and is an absolute steal at used prices. Give it some thought and also check out some of the affordable used tubed integrateds on here, there are many to choose from and any thing above ten watts should drive those Monitor Audios just fine. Good luck and happy listening!
For a CD player, go Oppo. Many models and rave reviewes, which are all true. I have two, and the only thing in my system that bests them, and not by much, is the Sony sad.
The Music Hall system would be a good starter. Better re-sale then Outlaw down the road too. Don't be too concerned about the extra watts.
Thanks - I think I am going to go with the Music Hall 25.2 amp/cd combo! Ejilf hit it right on the head. This is my first system and just want to really be able to enjoy the 600 odd cds I've accumulated!

Thanks again - M
Marty, Enjoy and let us know how what you think when you get it up and running.