Newbie seeking any advice

This is my first post.  I appreciate reading the posts and I hope to learn more in time.  My present equipment is amateurish compared to what I read here but I'm just getting started.  I recently purchased a Yamaha R-N803 receiver and a Yamaha CD-C600 5 disc CD player. I have Vandersteen model 1 speakers.  My system sounds very good to me but I would appreciate any general advice as to how I might improve my sound such as room correction, better quality CDs, which streaming service to use, etc.   Thanks in advance, I really like reading the posts and hope to learn more as I go.  Doug Hess, Newtown Square, Pa.
Hey OP:
Room correction (equalization) is always a touchy subject. My advice is treat the room first, add room correction to a sub if used. Leave your main 2 channel alone.


Than you for that helpful advice...and for not teasing me about a 5 disc player!  Doug Hess
You have a real world system and kudos for selecting Vandersteen 1Cs. If ever there was a well-designed and made, solid entry speaker that is phase and time aligned, the 1Cs are it. I have a pair too. The room is one half of your sound. Focus on first reflection points at the side walls and ceiling, perhaps place a couple of absorbers there and one or two diffusors either between the speakers on the front wall, if possible, or on the back wall.
Thanks for that advice.  I just ordered Jim Smith's book "Getting Better Sound".  I'm sure he'll give advice on room correction. I didn't realize the room was that important, I learned something already on this site.
Jim Smith’s Book is excellent. Speaker placement is the most important. Consider the Sumiko Master Set Method. If your CD player has a digital out consider an outboard DAC from Schiit, Cambridge, ARCAM or other affordable companies. Good luck.