Newbie seeking any advice

This is my first post.  I appreciate reading the posts and I hope to learn more in time.  My present equipment is amateurish compared to what I read here but I'm just getting started.  I recently purchased a Yamaha R-N803 receiver and a Yamaha CD-C600 5 disc CD player. I have Vandersteen model 1 speakers.  My system sounds very good to me but I would appreciate any general advice as to how I might improve my sound such as room correction, better quality CDs, which streaming service to use, etc.   Thanks in advance, I really like reading the posts and hope to learn more as I go.  Doug Hess, Newtown Square, Pa.
Purchase Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound. It will guide you regarding room treatment, system setup and listening position. It is invaluable, IMO.
Welcome to the club!

Tom apologies necessary for your system! Love your speakers, I use Vandy 2Cs. Remember, it's not just the gear, the room and your setup will give you at least half of what you will hear.

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Good luck.
Room tuning first. Look at Michael Green and GIK Acoustics
That will make all your other choices more obvious, and leave you with a room that is far more speaker friendly.
Hey OP:
Room correction (equalization) is always a touchy subject. My advice is treat the room first, add room correction to a sub if used. Leave your main 2 channel alone.


Than you for that helpful advice...and for not teasing me about a 5 disc player!  Doug Hess
You have a real world system and kudos for selecting Vandersteen 1Cs. If ever there was a well-designed and made, solid entry speaker that is phase and time aligned, the 1Cs are it. I have a pair too. The room is one half of your sound. Focus on first reflection points at the side walls and ceiling, perhaps place a couple of absorbers there and one or two diffusors either between the speakers on the front wall, if possible, or on the back wall.
Thanks for that advice.  I just ordered Jim Smith's book "Getting Better Sound".  I'm sure he'll give advice on room correction. I didn't realize the room was that important, I learned something already on this site.
Jim Smith’s Book is excellent. Speaker placement is the most important. Consider the Sumiko Master Set Method. If your CD player has a digital out consider an outboard DAC from Schiit, Cambridge, ARCAM or other affordable companies. Good luck.