Newbie's Possible Setup - Will This Work?


I am new to PC Audio systems and music servers and would like to integrate something into my audio system. Would the following work?

1. Source - Lossless files in FLAC, APE, WAV, Apple Lossless & lossy files in iTunes - all on external hard drive connected by USB or Firewire to MacBook

2. Wireless Access - Slim Devices Squeezebox Duet to pick up the data (how does this work? I currently only have a 802.11 b wireless router, connected to a modem which I use for internet access) , output via Toslink to

3. DAC - Mark Levinson No. 36 - using the Toslink input for this as my CD transport is already using the coaxial digital input.

Is the above a future proof, cost effective setup with optimal sound quality or are there other suggestions?

I hope to be able to take advantage of the Black Friday sales to pick up something so any feedback much appreciated.

Thanks so much
Your router is a choke point, 802.11b will not cut it. Also, if possible, use a wire to the router - much more reliable and has higher bandwidth. And get one of the newer, hi-speed routers while you're out shopping...

You might also want to consider another server device instead of the SlingBox. This little unit is getting some good reviews lately:

Good Luck!

Since you have a Macbook a simple solution would be to get an Airport Express to connect your Macbook and DAC via Toslink, then get an iPod Touch and the free Remote application for it. That way you're controlling the music from anywhere in range of the Airport Express using the same iTunes interface you have on the computer and you have a Web browser, email and hundreds of other cool applications available.

Thanks for the feedback.

RW - will check out the 802.11 n routers.

SFar - I thought about the Airport Express but iTunes does not play FLAC or other non Apple lossless formats. I already have lots of FLAC files. There is a plugin I could install but then they would not stream through Airport Express.